June 4th, kinda 5th


Ever since the world was supposed to end, or rapture or whatever was supposed to happen on May 21st, the venues in the area were kinda empty. Now, I know that this is a still a pretty small town with new life being brought into it but geez, just a week before there was nightlife til 2am. My friend and I went to Open Mic night and only a handful of people were there, no one took advantage of the open mic. We drove 20 minutes away and ended up being the only two patrons at a night club, and it was ladies night! Usually those are packed. Then I thought to myself, maybe people were still in shock and they’re just making sure it wasn’t postponed a few days? Lord forgive me for my choice of words and confusion. Because of this, I decided not to go out for a few days.

So June came, and things seemed to turn around. Slowly of course, but June 4th rocked! I went to a local spot. It’s a Saturday, which means latin night, this was my first time going on a Saturday so I didn’t know what to expect. But here’s my summary of the night…

Pulling up to the club around 11:45pm, there were no empty parking spaces in the front, two sides and I had to park by the GYM next door. That means more than 100 cars beat my car to a spot. Ooh, I was getting excited! I already adore this place because of its decor, it has a mixed crowd and mixed genre of music. I love options wrapped in one place. We go inside and see a nice amount of people. The place was full, but not sweaty, stink full. We still felt nice air blowing and no trampling over others to get by. In one room was latin music and in the other was everything else, lol. I didn’t get a chance to dance like normal folk, because I was too busy trying to capture photos to plaster on my SupportStLucieCounty.com website. The club was packed! Not everyone was brave enough to pose or camera ready, and I eventually grew tired of asking,  plus my feet hurt…so I was ready to go home. But my friend and I still had a very nice time!


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