Karaoke at Mickey Finns: July 24, 2011

As expected from the last time I saw Bryce and Sharlene (which was the first time I met them), Karaoke was a lot of fun. Either St Lucie county has the most talented bunch of people, just waiting to show off their singing skills, or there’s something about these two that make nearly everyone in the place want to get on stage.

Since this was my first opportunity to witness Karaoke at Mickey Finns, I decided not to rush. I went around 10pm, not sure if there would be any singers, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard live singing even before I opened the restaurant door. I walked in and looked at the stage, there I saw a woman singing Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time”. Soon after I found out her name, it was Carolyn. Could it be? Carolyn S. from News Channel 5?

I had no time to be a groupie, lol. I headed back to where I was sitting, so I could have a clear view of the singers. Everyone was great…impressive even. Voices so good, it hid the crazy lyrics of some songs. Voices so good, people were moved to dance. Voices so damn good I wish I had a record label so I could make money off of them! LOL

With Dynamic Entertainment with DJ Bryce and this city, you never know what to expect. Singing wasn’t just singing for some. It was a full on talent show! We had a lady singing Shakira and working her hips, then a guy who sang and danced to Usher…serious moves! The evening ended for me soon after the Cha Cha Slide, gotta love it! 🙂 My eyes were heavy so I was ready to head home, but the fun was set to last til 1:30am.

Another great time for SupportStLucieCounty.com!!!

Photos from this event can be viewed here!

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Clapping Monkey Productions Improv Comedy Show

Last night I had the honor of viewing a ‘Clapping Monkey Productions’ show for the first time. I had no idea what to expect, because I haven’t been to an Improv Sketch Comedy show in years, but after watching some of their videos on youtube, I knew I was in for a good laugh. This was a free show, produced by a talented local team of actors, comedians, singers and writers.

Getting there was a bit of a hassle, because the Loyal Order of the Moose venue has a “Northeast – East Court” address my GPS didn’t seem to understand. But, thank God for my Evo, I was finally on my way!

While waiting for the show to begin, the audience enjoyed solo singing and guitar playing from one of the leading ladies. Her voice was beautiful, tone was deep and although the song lyrics were sad, her sultry sound overshadowed that. Soon after, Mr. Charles Watson stepped to the microphone and it was showtime!

The first scene…actually many scenes required audience participation, which made the show engaging, fun and even more entertaining. From the photos you can get a good idea of what took place. There were “who am I?” scenes, “who are you?” scenes, a battle of detergents, a dating game and more!

I encourage you all to experience it for yourself, so I end my blog here. I don’t want to spoil it for you! 🙂


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CoverUp Band at Shindigs Irish Pub in Port St Lucie

Last night was sooooo muchhhhh funnnnnn!

From the time I got out of my car and walked over to Shindigs Irish Pub, I came across some really cool folks. I didn’t hear the band playing, so I approached a few people sitting near the entrance of the pub and I asked the young lady where I can find the band. She pointed to a group of guys standing near parked cars. The red skinny jeans should’ve been my clue, lol. Just my luck, they were on break! 🙂 I walked over to them and asked for a picture. There were only three of the four members outside and they were kind enough to pose for my camera. Even kinder (I know it’s not a word, but you get what I’m trying to say!) enough to find and bring the fourth member outside so my picture of the band would be complete! This band’s attitude was so amusing and warm. (A huge difference from someone mentioned in an earlier Blog, lol.)

It was back to business for the guys again! They were GREAT! I was so impressed during each guy’s solo part, and the lead singing, that I almost couldn’t contain myself.  I was in work mode, so I couldn’t boogie like I wanted to, I had to resist the urge to dance. Plus, I didn’t have my group of girls by my side, so embarrassing myself was not an option. I did get to live through the audience and experience their pleasure. There were two in the front whose butts never touched their seats, they danced the whole night. There were a lot of kissing couples and this group had fans of all ages, enjoying the atmosphere. They found a new fan in me too!

I went to a few venues earlier, but the crowds didn’t arrive at them yet. I planned on returning to them after about an hour after snapping pictures at Shindigs, but after being there for a while, I didn’t want to leave. With a little over 40 photos, I was ready to head home and just end my night with this pleasant experience. Great job CoverUp Band, and thanks for a great time at Shindigs!

P.S. Happy 3rd Anniversary Shindigs!

With love,



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Use Us!

Living in a small town, that is not so small anymore, people should expect that the nightlife and daytime activities have grown too. For party lovers, the local party scene can now be described as exciting. So exciting, that instead of locals driving down to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or even as far as Miami, St Lucie and Martin County have both had its share of visitors traveling here to party. There are also a lot more activities with children in mind, since these counties happen to be a very family oriented.

Using web sites like SupportStLucieCounty.com prove that there is usually something going on, yet many people don’t attend these events. Instead, there are still those who complain that this area is boring.

What will it take to get people to participate in other activities and events? Sure, our nightlife has become something to smile about, but how can we get people to take advantage of the day time fun? What happens when advertising is limited to car door magnets, business cards, postcards and word of mouth, because more extravagant advertising is way out of the budget? People hear about a web site that offers great information, information they have been asking about and often say, “Finally”, when introduced to it, but they forget. How can we grab the attention of those who do NOT know we are here, or keep the attention of those who DO?


Ronda M

Owner of SupportStLucieCounty.com

She Said WHAT???


This is weird, but it keeps happening. I have friends and family who are always accidentally dialing me. My full name begins with an ‘A’ and because of that, I’m usually the first name on everyone’s list. I think the right thing to do would be to click the red button on my cell phone, to end things there…but what about when the conversation takes place on my house phone answering machine? Usually I play my messages while multitasking, and I’m not going to run to my phone and end a message just because it was a mistake.

I’ve never been in a situation where the person said anything about me, and I’ve never heard anything damaging. But I was wondering, what would you do in this situation? Have you ever had this happen to you? And, let’s just say you overheard someone say something that affects you or a loved one directly, but you weren’t supposed to hear it…how would you react under those circumstances?

I will admit, I’m a bit nosey. Sometimes I let the message play completely, because I can. As I’m preparing to publish this blog, my mom accidentally dials me. She said she heard a strange sound in her bag and listened, then hears me saying “Mom, Mom, Mommy” in my best annoying little baby Stewie impression and laughs. I guess, as long as I have my name, I will have this problem.

My July 4th 2011, Kinda…


Well, not really…but yeah. I got to the Civic Center around 4, trying to get there when the sun wasn’t beaming, but it was still hot. The center was crowded with more people than I’ve ever seen at that location before, but I was still able to find a parking spot almost immediately.

I get out the car and walk around for a bit, trying to see what vendors were there. I saw the blood truck and decided this would be the day I donated blood. It’s cool in the truck. The breeze was blowing on high and I felt so good in there, that I didn’t even mind that it took about an hour for the whole process to be completed.

They asked me how I felt, offered me a juice bottle and I was on my way. Back towards the crowd. Everything was normal…or so I thought.

I took pictures of some people, some sights and a humungous dog. I started feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous, so I wanted to get something to drink. But, the vendors couldn’t accept cash. What the hell? I would have to get on a long line of about 75 people, just to buy stupid tokens, just to get back on a food vendor’s line of about 150 people, just to get a freakin water. Nothing I could do now, so I looked for a seat, but the only spaces available was the grass.I don’t do grass…at least not without a blanket!

Thank God, my husband showed up! I should’ve asked him to bring me something to drink, but my kids had their juice bottles, so I took sips from each of them. My head started spinning more and I told him I had to lay down, NOW!!! He didn’t think I was serious, he never really does. He suggested I lean on him as he walks me to the car, but nope, I went down. In the grass…hmmm it was a lot softer and more comfortable than I expected. Good thing too, because two seconds later I couldn’t even see in front of me. He called help over and within seconds I noticed a bunch of people standing over me with water and an ice pack. That icy feeling was soooo good, but I still couldn’t see straight. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep but they kept asking me questions, telling me not to. They got me up and into a cart…into an ambulance truck and off to the hospital. I found out I wasn’t the only one who ended up in the hospital after donating blood yesterday.

Gosh this was embarrassing 😦 The same people I just took photos of saw me in this vulnerable condition. I was exhausted, hungry, dehydrated and missing a little over a pint of blood. The fireworks, which were the reason I even left my house, ended up being missed. My kids are at the age where they didn’t miss it at all, but is it weird that I’m upset I didn’t get to complete my July 4th photo album?

Oh well, thank God the day still ended well. It could’ve been worse…….

Is anyone following the Casey Anthony Trial? Did you see…

…the guy who was sentenced to 6 days in jail, because he flipped the bird?

I mean, seriously? 6 days in jail and about $600 in total fines. I guess he should’ve known better because according to an article by Newstaar.com, people are reminded of the courtroom rules daily. But, how can a middle finger lead to a possible mistrial…especially for a high profile case such as this when a mother is accused of killing her child?

Someone enlighten me, because I just don’t understand.

Bottom line, rules are rules and although I just don’t get this one…I guess he had to learn the hard way. I know in my case, I wouldn’t have lasted a day in that courtroom, because not only am I known for making faces, showing exactly what I’m feeling…I mightv’e shrieked too, hearing some of the facts in this case.

Still…a middle finger could’ve led to a mistrial?

Missing You Randomly- Remembering my Grandparents

It’s 12:15AM. I should be sleeping, but I’m blogging. Remembering visits to my Grandparents in Brooklyn. They were so loving, receiving and sweet. Always smiling. My friends even liked them. So when my father would take us to visit, my cousins and/or friends would ask their parents for permission to take the drive with us from Queens. Sometimes, we would stop first at the Bodega near their building, picking up an Entenmanns butter loaf pound cake, candy and chips. I could see Grandpa at his window, feeding the squirrels that probably called him Grandpa too (in their own way), that was his ritual. They would actually eat the peanuts from his fingers. It was obvious that he alerted Grandma that we were approaching, because she would appear at the window seconds later. My heart melts while I write this.

The buzzer would ring, letting us in the building, and Grandma would be standing by the opened apartment door. We rush in with hugs and kisses for her, then Grandpa’s waiting for his. We talk for a little bit, I try to understand as much as I could, while they tried their best at speaking a full sentence in English. We’d snack on the junk food, eat good food if grandma cooked and even if she didn’t, it doesn’t take long before she puts the Cream of Wheat box to use. Man was it good! Now I smile while I write this.

After maybe an hour, I would go into their bedroom and connect the Nintendo game my uncle bought for them. Playing Super Mario Brother’s 3, while visiting Grandma and Grandpa, became my ritual. We would sing, play, daddy might play the congas and we’d laugh and have a great time. Sometimes Grandpa would even record us speaking, for no reason. Maybe he liked hearing our voices, and wanted to hear it even when we couldn’t be there? Every time we got ready to go home, they would pull out cash and hand everyone $1. Another ritual, from the time I was just able to hold a dollar in my hand, to my 20s. I can see us joking that our allowance from Grandma and Grandpa never increased. Grandpa was in his 90s, Grandma in her 80s, me in my early 20s…mature enough to know good things don’t last forever, but I still never expected this ritual to end.

The last two years of my Grandma’s life was spent in a nursing home. She started seeing things that weren’t there and her memory failed…soon her body did too. I would try to visit her every chance possible, saw her deteriorating and wish I was in a position to move her from there. I could see she wasn’t cared for the way I could…which is the way someone who loved her would, and her body was literally giving up. I would wipe her down, clean around her mouth which was evident she was left alone. I prayed for her to return to good health, but it wasn’t God’s plan. Grandpa was fine, but lonely. Stuck every night, in his little Brooklyn apartment and away from the woman he loved and lived with for decades. For two whole years!

One day I received a phone call. My father told me Grandpa was in the hospital, after a heart attack, so we went to visit him. He looked great and said he felt great and wanted to go home. Dr’s couldn’t allow that. I would never forget two things about that day. It’s sad to think of, but he always said he would die in a hospital. Before we left that day, he told my sister and I that he was tired. I just thought he meant he was ready for his company to leave, but my sister knew better. This man always smiled, so whenever he spoke, I couldn’t imagine him speaking of his death. Even after we said prayers and kissed him goodbye, I thought he would be going home the next day. My sister said she thought he was trying to say he’s “ready”. I didn’t think so, or maybe I just didn’t want to. Not my sweet, little, latin man. The next day, I got the call from my father saying Grandpa passed away. Two years after living separately from his beloved wife, Grandpa died of a broken heart.

His funeral was days later, and I wondered if my Grandma, who could no longer speak or move, could understand. No one told her what happened. But, I know she knew. Because a week after Grandpa’s death, Grandma left us too. My Aunt Petra says, Grandpa died first and then called her soul so they can finally be together again. I believe it. He was always protective of her, and was probably ready to go first, just to make sure everything was ok.

They lived together for decades, spent two years apart by no choice of their own, but managed to maintain a connection only God can explain. All the times Grandma had close calls with death; it wasn’t until Grandpa passed, that she decided it was time to go. I love them dearly and although I am filled with sadness knowing they’re not here, I no longer cry. I smile, because love like that is a blessing. I smile, because commitment like that is golden. In a world of divorce or people treating marriage as a business, it no longer feels sacred. So I am happy and honored to share my Grandparent’s love story.

With love,