Is anyone following the Casey Anthony Trial? Did you see…

…the guy who was sentenced to 6 days in jail, because he flipped the bird?

I mean, seriously? 6 days in jail and about $600 in total fines. I guess he should’ve known better because according to an article by, people are reminded of the courtroom rules daily. But, how can a middle finger lead to a possible mistrial…especially for a high profile case such as this when a mother is accused of killing her child?

Someone enlighten me, because I just don’t understand.

Bottom line, rules are rules and although I just don’t get this one…I guess he had to learn the hard way. I know in my case, I wouldn’t have lasted a day in that courtroom, because not only am I known for making faces, showing exactly what I’m feeling…I mightv’e shrieked too, hearing some of the facts in this case.

Still…a middle finger could’ve led to a mistrial?


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