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Living in a small town, that is not so small anymore, people should expect that the nightlife and daytime activities have grown too. For party lovers, the local party scene can now be described as exciting. So exciting, that instead of locals driving down to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or even as far as Miami, St Lucie and Martin County have both had its share of visitors traveling here to party. There are also a lot more activities with children in mind, since these counties happen to be a very family oriented.

Using web sites like prove that there is usually something going on, yet many people don’t attend these events. Instead, there are still those who complain that this area is boring.

What will it take to get people to participate in other activities and events? Sure, our nightlife has become something to smile about, but how can we get people to take advantage of the day time fun? What happens when advertising is limited to car door magnets, business cards, postcards and word of mouth, because more extravagant advertising is way out of the budget? People hear about a web site that offers great information, information they have been asking about and often say, “Finally”, when introduced to it, but they forget. How can we grab the attention of those who do NOT know we are here, or keep the attention of those who DO?


Ronda M

Owner of


One thought on “Use Us!

  1. Yes, yes, and yes you are correct! I was one of those people who believed the night life here was dead. When I first got here 2 yrs ago I found a few places that were enjoyable. However, they closed and I hadn’t heard of any new places filling the void. But, since I have been introduced to your website I see there are more events day life and night life that I just wasnt aware of.

    Great site and good idea. Keep doing it. As far as keeping events in the minds of the public, all I can think of is advertiseing, exposure and location. I was once told. Revist who your niche market is and rethink how you get to them. Most People need to exposed several times (and sometimes differently) before they buy into idea product or service.

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