No sleep, but busy day still…

Today was a busy day!

I didn’t get to bed until 5am this morning, but I couldn’t let my lack of sleep ruin my opportunity to check out some of the day’s events. There’s way too much going on. First stop on my list was the Back to School Fun Day hosted by Dem Damn Diamondz!

This event took place at the Martin Luther King Dreamland Park in Fort Pierce. Yesterday I worried about a tropical storm raining on our parade, but it turns out the sun beaming on my forehead would become the real issue. Boy was it hot!

As soon as my husband, kids and I got out of the car, we heard the music playing and saw my 2 year old who is a character bopping his head to the beat. First thing we did once in the park was buy ice cream. Thanks so much to the person who decided to place the truck right near the entry, not only was it a convenient location…but it provided shade when I needed a break from taking pictures and didn’t want to stand under a tree. Bugs scare me, lol.

Music was provided by our local favorite, DJ DA. I didn’t know what to expect for a Back to School Fun Day, but I had a great time watching the entertainment. The event was packed with children, parents near by and the great thing about it was that the school supplies weren’t just handed out to kids. The Diamondz had the kids compete in dance! Although all the children were ultimately winners here, seeing them dance for specially designed backpacks, school necessities or simply for the fun of it made the event engaging and a lot more interesting. There was even a performance by two talented and adorable little girls, who sang and rapped.

I had to go shortly after because we still had three other venues to visit, but I was happy to see a group of young women plan and succeed at something so positive.

To see photos from this event, click here!



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