Bealls Back to School Open House

This Sunday was the Bealls Back to School Open House at Florida Locations. I made it my business to check out the one on US-1 in Port St Lucie, since Tracey, the Area Manager there was kind enough to allow me to add a printable coupon to my web site, for our visitors.

I was halfway there when it felt as if Port St Lucie was being hit by a mini hurricane. The rain was pouring down, hard on the windshield and that’s when I noticed it was time for new wiper blades, lol. I didn’t want to waste the gas spent so I continued on my journey. I was surprised to see that the parking lot at Bealls was pretty full. Geez!?! No matter what day of the week it is, the time or the weather conditions, Floridians sure can shop!

I raced through the rain and paused at the entry door, trying to shake as much rain off of my umbrella that I could. I went in. This place was huge! I headed for the back since thats where the action was and came across teen deputies, they’re so cool!

I was just in time for some browsing, chit chatting and the fashion show! It was so cute watching the little ones walk and pose in back to school outfits put together by Bealls (see pics). After the show I chatted some more, with a few customers, teen deputies and a woman with an amazing and inspirational story from the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. My quick trip to Bealls turned into a 2 1/2 hour stay, so I did some quick shopping and it was time for me to leave. 🙂



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