Tortoises are taking over!

A few months after moving into our home, we noticed a HUMUNGOUS tortoise in the woods-like lot next door. Months later, there was a tiny hole in the backyard. I thought it was a snake hole (do they have holes?) or maybe my son stuck a stick in there or something. I don’t know? Anyway, every few months the hole got wider and wider.

Soon after, I noticed a few baby tortoises crawling out of it. I guess the two who remained are teens now because one of them has a shell about 7 inches. Every few days when I look out that window, I can see this damn tortoise digging and pushing the dirt behind its feet. It’s really cool and cute to witness, but this cute little creature’s normal routine is wreaking havoc in my yard. The hole is now an entire foot wide and there’s nothing I can do about it. I called animal control and the local code enforcement because I know it must be illegal to take matters into my own hands. But, they said if they move it, it can either find its way back or another nearby animal will just take over. I really don’t want them to lose their home anyway, but the dirt pile it created is now being occupied by ants. Can you imagine a 1 ft hole with tortoises and behind it, a mountain of dirt full of ants? 3 ft from a bedroom window? Not to mention the rabbits, snakes, raccoons, armadillos, very large and strange looking birds and other things I see on my manicured lawn.

Now I know, God’s creatures were in this area before homes were built on it. I honestly do not mind the turtles sharing the space, but I don’t want them to cause permanent damage with a hole so big. If we have the tortoises removed and relocated, then the hole filled…they’ll probably just come back and start digging in another area. I’m worried about their safety and the safety of my kids. We live between two vacant, woodsy lots. That’s where the HUMUNGOUS tortoise lives, why don’t the other creatures stay there too? What makes my yard so desirable?




2 thoughts on “Tortoises are taking over!

  1. what can you do…we share this planet with other living creatures and it nice to hear someone is actually willing to share their space with Gods creatures. I believe theres a blessing for that.

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