Do you watch the Draya show?

Every week I look forward to Basketball Wives LA. Not because I believe it’s actual reality, but because I appreciate how they can take people no one really cares about and make us kind of care. Or, at least make us want to see what happens to them next.

So, incase you’ve missed it…

This week on the Draya show, Jackie spent the whole episode trying to turn everyone against Laura. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS OLD CRAZY LADY? Why is she such a teenager, mentally? So many things are wrong with her.

  • First, she makes a statement and if someone else says the exact same thing, she twists it in her brain somehow, where she believes she’s being attacked.
  • Second, she’s always asking everyone else how she should feel, or if she should be friends with so and so. She confuses me as much as she does Imani (do you see the confused look Imani gives every episode?  lol).
  • Then, no matter what the purpose of meeting with one of the girls is supposed to be (helping Draya with a clothing line, checking out Malaysia’s jewelry line), she always turns the topic into a moment of gossip.

She is so messy, and I’m curious to find out if she makes it to a 17th wedding, since the preview for next week has me thinking her husband is now afraid!

Jackie really needs to grow up! These girls are half her age, but so much more mature! Stop making yourself the joke of Basketball Wives.  Self proclaimed or not, you will never be the first lady of the NBA, unless you add the word “crazy” in between!


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