“Don’t Drink Bush Tea for Other People’s Fever” Ronda’s Special Series Intro!

Don’t drink bush tea for other people’s fever…..

Now, I won’t even attempt to figure out where this saying originated, but I remember my mom saying this to me since I was a little girl. For those who need clarification, it basically means, just because your friend has a headache, that doesn’t mean you have to take an aspirin, lol.

But it goes deeper than that, and can be used in many situations.

For instance: have you noticed that on of your friends or family members may have a beef with someone, and just because they don’t like a person, you’re automatically expected not to like said person either? What’s up with that? I get the family bond thingy, but I didn’t choose my “loved ones”, I chose my friend, lol.  Wait…that didn’t come out right.

Anyway, a lot of crazy things have happened lately. They all relate to the “Bush Tea” theme so I decided to create a series of Blogs with the title. Stay tuned!


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