Tail feather…

How embarrassing…

How many times are our children sent home with projects? Of course parents are expected to assist, but my shame began when I thought I should let my son control the outcome of his decorated ‘turkey feather construction paper cut out’. How was I to know the parents would take the opportunity to relive their past?

This Wednesday, I went to my son’s school for the Kindergartner’s Thanksgiving Feast. As we finished and I walked through the tiny tots hall, to get his backpack from his class, we passed all the decorated turkey feathers from each class. I was able to spot my son’s quickly because it was the simplest, lol. EVERY other feather was so beautifully decorated, so fancy. Some covered in actual feathers, some covered in beads, macaroni, different glitter colors and accessories, I could go on and on. Really exquisite designs. For my son’s tail, we made three straight lines, a few glitter spots and colored it three shades. He wanted to do more, I just wanted to finish. Next time I’ll let my baby do it his way! 😦

Now he has a new project. This one came with instructions attached to a brown cut out of a gingerbread person! It says “do as a family”, lol. I wonder if his teacher sent that letter specifically for me after seeing our last work of art? I could be overdoing it, feeling pressure to create the most amazing gingerbread person, but we are determined to go all out with this one! My son said he’s using everything in his crafts draw! We’ll see…..

I will update this post once we complete it!


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