So Random…but, ever think about your favorite tv character?

Have you ever watched an old television show and wondered how that person is doing today?

That’s a question I face every time I see a show with Sherman Hemsley. I watch “The Jeffersons” and “Amen” religiously! I think he is an icon who has brought comedy and charisma to every show I have seen him in (whether his own or guest starring on someone else’s). Known for his loud mouth, slick tongue and funny walk. We know there’s so much more, but we’re not given the chance to see. Speaking to a few friends I learned they felt the same way I do. Why is it that he has not been honored like he should have been? There’s something wrong when we’re quick to idolize or consider people celebrities when they’re famous for something they should be ashamed of. People like him, fade to the back. Sadly, most of the characters from the Jefferson’s have passed away. I’m left wondering how we can make sure Mr. Hemsley and actors like him receive the acknowledgement he deserves, while he can enjoy it! The perfect ex neighbor of Archie Bunker. 🙂



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