The “Botanica Garden Festival” at the PSL Botanical Gardens

It was such a nice day today! Not too hot, the breeze blew enough to cool us down without needing a jacket and the people were in a chatty mood!

For the last year and a half, I neglected my green thumb since the “frost” of 2010 killed the garden I worked hard to create. Now lies a bald spot in that area of my yard! Surprisingly, I found the desire to spruce up my garden all over again and this was the perfect event to start with. So many knowledgeable vendors who told me the plants I should choose for what I consider “lazy gardening”. I know I’m probably not going to water or weed as often as I need to, so I looked for low maintenance plants.

I saw some really unique, cool and semi strange things. As I walked through the gardens I came across plants that reminded me of hairstyles.

Here’s Rasta plant:

Here’s Crimps (Popular in the 90s with Fingerwaves):

and, here are the fingerwaves:

I know, I’m strange…

One vendor sold beautiful hand made outdoor showers (shaped like flowers) that you can connect to a water hose and post anywhere in your yard. There were also plants that catch flies and an edible plant that looked like it had boils on it. Not a pretty site, but I heard it tastes like collard greens!?!

I was so amazed that I think I’ll need to bring my wallet, oops sorry I mean my husband with me tomorrow! The prices weren’t bad and I’m going to need more than my “allowance” (lol, inside joke) to make my yard look the way I need it to!

Click here to view the rest of the photos!



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