(Not Skinny) Friends!

One of the best things in the world to have when you want to lose weight, is fat friends friends who want to lose weight too!

My friend has a great figure, she’s what we call thick and very proportionate. Small waist, flat stomach and meat where most women desire it. Me on the other hand, completely different! Prior to this week, I’ve given more attention to my website than I have my midsection, so I’m now shaped like a scoop of chocolate ice-cream on an ice cream cone, lol. My proportionate friend was kind enough to introduce me to a website that pretty much like a free version of Weight Watchers (Wait…should I be offended?) and so far in the near week I’ve been on it, I’ve noticed a change.

Anyhoo, this is my 8th time this year starting a fitness regime, so let’s see how this turns out <insert annoyed face here!>. After all, I do have an Anniversary celebration coming up soon!

Love, Ronda