Tail feather……. (Update)

So, after an exciting few weeks of totally forgetting about this project, my son showed me the Gingerbread we haven’t completed yet. We went through items and picked out some great things to include, but then the unthinkable happened. He decided to make a Gingerbread Mommy. Uh oh!

I’m so flattered, my baby loves me ❤ however, I wasn’t prepared for this. I have a house full of boys. We have tiny socks we could’ve added to make it look as cute as we did his teddy bears, we even have a tiny baseball cap I created with items from Joann’s. How do we transition to a girl? Well, its his project, and he wants to make mommy feel special (aww, I’m blushing). At first I was worried, because I’m a girly girl. All I can picture putting on this Ginger Mommy is a pair of skinny jeans, pumps and a blouse. I don’t have the right material for that, or the talent (lol)…so we’ll have to make do with construction paper and markers.

Items used:

  • Markers
  • Glitter
  • Cloth
  • Purple Shredded construction paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue

We lined the shirt and skirt areas, then placed glue to give it a glitter shine. We then placed glue on the bottom area to give her a shirt. He started coloring in the shirt, but then he thought it looked like a boy, so we colored cloth and glue it to the top. I tried coming up with something to add, so I had the bright idea to add hair (colored a sheet of paper dark brown). Finally my son wanted to make her festive, so we created a Santa hat. Here’s the finished product: