“Don’t Drink Bush Tea for Other People’s Fever” Ronda’s Special Series Intro!

Don’t drink bush tea for other people’s fever…..

Now, I won’t even attempt to figure out where this saying originated, but I remember my mom saying this to me since I was a little girl. For those who need clarification, it basically means, just because your friend has a headache, that doesn’t mean you have to take an aspirin, lol.

But it goes deeper than that, and can be used in many situations.

For instance: have you noticed that on of your friends or family members may have a beef with someone, and just because they don’t like a person, you’re automatically expected not to like said person either? What’s up with that? I get the family bond thingy, but I didn’t choose my “loved ones”, I chose my friend, lol.  Wait…that didn’t come out right.

Anyway, a lot of crazy things have happened lately. They all relate to the “Bush Tea” theme so I decided to create a series of Blogs with the title. Stay tuned!


How do you deal with rudeness?

Question to myself:

How do you deal with someone being rude?

Answer from myself:

Grudges are a waste, so I get over things quick. I won’t let anyone steal my joy.

I believe, some people are rude because that’s what they’re used to. People say NY-kers are rude, but I’m from NY and have lived there most of my life and I remember saying good morning and hello to people I came in contact with, holding doors or having the door held for me, etc. Same thing in FL. Ofcourse there’s always someone who wants everyone to know they’re having a bad day, but thankfully I haven’t experienced anything too crazy.

Now yesterday, I was out with a friend finally having a girls night. It was last minute, so we decided to visit a couple of area venues. The last one we went to (won’t mention names to protect the innocent, lol) had an almost celebrity there. The DJ mentioned the attendance of this ‘almost celebrity’ throughout the evening so I figured this guy must really want some attention. My friends and I laughed because when this person took the mic we had no idea what language he was speaking. It’s so annoying when people talk with their lips on a microphone…ughhh!

As I was leaving to go home, I saw this person standing outside his car with his lady friend and manager. I asked him if I can just get a quick picture of him and his response was, “I ain’t got time fo dat”. I looked at him with my regular slick self, and his manager turned to me and said, “yeah, we don’t have time for that”. Usually I’m quick on my feet, but I was in shock so I had a 2 second delay. I asked his manager if he’s sure that’s a good idea to say something like that. I mean, come on. Your claim to fame is almost making a band and walking across a bridge in Brooklyn to get cheesecake. They were probably wondering where I got my balls from. I turned towards my vehicle and said to them, “OK, I would’ve just wasted space on my memory card anyway”…remembering that it would’ve been my only photo for the night, who really cares to see it anyway, and I surely wasn’t going to waste time printing it.

Now, I will admit I was bitter last night. I was upset because I couldn’t believe he was rude. My issue is not that he didn’t want to take a picture, because I understand, not everyone wants a Kodak moment. But, did you have to dismiss me like that? A simple “no”, or “no thanks” would’ve been sufficient. I almost slapped myself for even asking, because when I told my friend and my sister what the ‘almost celebrity’ said, all they did was laugh and say, “he actually said that, who is he anyway?”. I wondered how standing by a car looking at the street lights could’ve been any more important than a two second picture. Oh well, that was last night. Back to being my happy self! Just thought Id share, lol!!!

Please tell me how you would’ve handled this situation.