Treasure Coast Seafood Festival

Post for my locals!

This Saturday was the Treasure Coast Seafood Festival at the Civic Center, which was really more like a gathering. Usually I’m not so “candid” about city events, but after seeing the turn out, I felt I should voice post my opinion.

This area is not as dull as it used to be. Every week there are a variety of events taking place. A lot of the people coordinating these events don’t want to or maybe can’t afford to invest in advertising, just little banners on some streets that most people don’t notice (I do because collecting info is my hobby, lol). After visiting a few of the latest unsuccessful events, I decided no longer will I stop myself from writing what I really thought. Maybe one of the planners or those in charge of “freeing up the budget” would read this and make some changes. Now, here are my ideas:

  1. Send the information to me in advance (pretty much, as soon as you decide you’re going to have it), not two days prior. We offer FREE event and business listings, use it!
  2. For a nominal fee, I will advertise your event. I will post it on the websites I am affiliated with, on my website, newsletters, etc.
  3. Create a Facebook event about it. As much as you may dislike Facebook, it’s pretty helpful in getting the word out. Someone will read it and likely tag me or another local listing website in it!
  4. No one is saying you have to purchase billboard space, but as you can see, lawn signs aren’t really helping the cause! There are already a lot of people in this area who barely notice when the yellow school light is blinking and it’s time to drive 20 MPH, what makes you think people are focusing on a small sign on the ground? Unless it says “yard sale”, don’t expect to grab a lot of attention!
  5. There are a lot more, but most importantly…consider other events taking place the same day! This is not the first time I’ve mentioned this! One of the biggest complaints I get is “why are they having this event on that day?” I have to remind people that my website it privately owned and I do not work with or for the city. Therefore, I cannot control when they decide to host an event!

Simply changing the date of an event can save planners the embarrassment and vendors from disappointment. For every 100 invites, expect maybe 20 – 50 of those people to show up…divide that by 2 – 4 if your event is schedule the same day as many others! It’s not a wedding, people don’t need to RSVP, nor do they have any responsibility to show up. If you choose a day when there’s not much else going on, you’ll have one heck of a festival!

I was sooooo looking forward to having some delicious seafood, but I ended up just spending less than 20 minutes there. ūüė¶ The band was great though!

I wasn’t going to add pictures, but they prove my point, so click and check them out!!!


Ughhh? GPS and the Sunset Festival

I’ve been to the Fort Pierce Marina before, but sometimes when I have a lot to do I lose my sense of direction, lol. Does that ever happen to you? Well, I turned on my trusty (or should I say, ‘not so trusty’) GPS and was on my way to Sunset Festival Caribbean Night. It led me over the bridge¬†to Hutchinson Island Beach, right next to two guy’s who had just finished scuba diving.¬†Hubby asked them for directions and we realized we past the Marina 10 minutes ago. Ughhhh!

So, we finally arrive¬†and I hear some great music playing. Of course most people are too shy to dance in the daylight, so during this time I roam the vendor areas trying to see how I can “Support St Lucie County”…(you like how I snuck that in there? lol). Immediately I see Tony’s Gyro stand, and we’re¬†huge fans so we take 2 to go, then walk around the other tables. My eyes quickly spot jewelry and since I like handmade and exotic pieces I end up buying some really nice earrings. I wish I picked up more : (

I turn around and¬†notice a sign saying “Free”…my feet couldn’t help but to walk closer to it. That’s when I realized the woman in charge of the items was none other than Nichole Rouse, who owns the Treasure Coast Reuse Center. We speak for a little while and I realize how great and important her work is. If you ever need anything, contact her before heading to the store. She has lots of items to give away,¬†FREE! Same goes for those willing to donate. If there’s something you no longer need, there’s always someone else who does. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

During this time, my nose is still at work and I smell jerk chicken and conch fritters, yummmm. The sun goes down just in time for me to stuff my face without everyone seeing how I chew. The food was so delicious we had to get a second order of everything. We watch the musicians play, a woman dancing the night away while seated in a chair and the singer telling her¬†“That chair is too hot, someone get her some water it’s going to burn”, lol…and people are enjoying the festivities. They play the Electric Slide song and people join in to do the famous dance. Soon after my kids were tired, so it was time for us to go home. But, we had a very nice time and look forward to the next one!