My July 4th 2011, Kinda…


Well, not really…but yeah. I got to the Civic Center around 4, trying to get there when the sun wasn’t beaming, but it was still hot. The center was crowded with more people than I’ve ever seen at that location before, but I was still able to find a parking spot almost immediately.

I get out the car and walk around for a bit, trying to see what vendors were there. I saw the blood truck and decided this would be the day I donated blood. It’s cool in the truck. The breeze was blowing on high and I felt so good in there, that I didn’t even mind that it took about an hour for the whole process to be completed.

They asked me how I felt, offered me a juice bottle and I was on my way. Back towards the crowd. Everything was normal…or so I thought.

I took pictures of some people, some sights and a humungous dog. I started feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous, so I wanted to get something to drink. But, the vendors couldn’t accept cash. What the hell? I would have to get on a long line of about 75 people, just to buy stupid tokens, just to get back on a food vendor’s line of about 150 people, just to get a freakin water. Nothing I could do now, so I looked for a seat, but the only spaces available was the grass.I don’t do grass…at least not without a blanket!

Thank God, my husband showed up! I should’ve asked him to bring me something to drink, but my kids had their juice bottles, so I took sips from each of them. My head started spinning more and I told him I had to lay down, NOW!!! He didn’t think I was serious, he never really does. He suggested I lean on him as he walks me to the car, but nope, I went down. In the grass…hmmm it was a lot softer and more comfortable than I expected. Good thing too, because two seconds later I couldn’t even see in front of me. He called help over and within seconds I noticed a bunch of people standing over me with water and an ice pack. That icy feeling was soooo good, but I still couldn’t see straight. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep but they kept asking me questions, telling me not to. They got me up and into a cart…into an ambulance truck and off to the hospital. I found out I wasn’t the only one who ended up in the hospital after donating blood yesterday.

Gosh this was embarrassing 😦 The same people I just took photos of saw me in this vulnerable condition. I was exhausted, hungry, dehydrated and missing a little over a pint of blood. The fireworks, which were the reason I even left my house, ended up being missed. My kids are at the age where they didn’t miss it at all, but is it weird that I’m upset I didn’t get to complete my July 4th photo album?

Oh well, thank God the day still ended well. It could’ve been worse…….