Oprah? One Life To Live? Huh?

Ok, this is going to me more of a rant than blog, but I’m sure other home mommies might agree.


I’ve been a fan of Oprah and One Life To Live since I was an elementary school kid and couldn’t make my Grandmother change the channel. The first year of being babysat, I learned to tolerate it until Granny left the room. I learned to like these shows during my Jr High School days, and it became an addiction once I started high school. Ughhh!

Now…I have to be honest. I would still tape OLTL when I couldn’t watch the original airing. Oprah, as much as I love her, we grew apart for a little while. But when I heard of her leaving I had to schedule the series on DVR. There was no way I was going to miss this season. I can’t believe it, Harpo…say it ain’t so! At least it was her choice, so I don’t feel too bad!

However; the end has come, or ‘is-a-comin’ for One Life To Live. That show is the bomb!!!!! What am I going to do between 2pm and 3pm when I’m home. That happens to be the hour my 2 year old takes his nap 😉 What about the days when I actually have something to do during those hours? When I come home I have no reason to view recordings. I love Tess and think of her as the rich blonde version of me, I also like Bess and Wes (you won’t know them unless you watch the show). I’m hoping she keeps that personality permanently because Jess is just so freaking boring. I live vicariously through that imaginary-imaginary figure. I depend on seeing those gorgeous rich families and their never ending issues. I know it’s wrong, but it makes me giggle. It’s the one time I don’t mind being poor. Speaking of rich folks, the Buchanans are awesome. I will also miss Dorian and the trollop Blaire (boy does she get around). There’s no way ABC could end the series without someone catching something, and an STD disclaimer at the end of those show warning about the ramifications of sleeping around! No offense.

Anywho, if there’s a way to get ABC to change there mind, I’m all for suggestions. I’m not in the mood to give another show a chance. I want OLTL!

Love Ronda 🙂