My baby’s a Preschool Graduate

My baby’s a preschool graduate. I know this is silly, but I’m a bit sad.

I was a little teary eyed while taking photos of my son and his teachers during the graduation ceremony today. Not only because I realized my baby’s getting so big, but I will actually miss his teachers. Is this weird? Am I supposed to miss driving to his pre-k school every morning, and saying hi to people I’ve only known for little while. He went in at three years old barely speaking, now he speaks both english and spanish…and he can sign too! They’ve taught him so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby deeply and like him being home. I just read that children lose 2 months of what they’ve learned during the summer. I don’t want him to have what my friend refers to as “a dumb break”.

Right now he’s excited about time off, but it’s only been hours. I know Monday will come and he’ll be rushing into my bedroom with his toothbrush asking me to spread the toothpaste for him. I am so unprepared for Summer with a boy so grown up 🙂 Are there rules for how I should handle this? Is Summer camp a requirement? Does keeping him occupied 24/7 make me a good mother or is it ok for us to spend Summer days at the beach, storytime at the library and events every couple of days. I know this is a strange topic for a blog, but I remember my mom sending my sister and I to camp. I wish I could’ve stayed home, but I was a busy kid.

I don’t want my child to be in shock come Monday when he doesn’t have to get dressed for any reason, but I have a website to run. So although I have some freedom, I’m usually stuck at the computer for hours. I can get away with that with a 2 year old, since I pretty much have my little one on a schedule…but with my big boy, what am I to do? Ughhhh, someone help me!!!