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Forever R&B Concert with Shirley Murdock, Dru Hill, and Kelly Price

Forever R&B Concert with Shirley Murdock, Dru Hill, and Kelly Price

This past weekend, the Forever R&B concert took place at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables. I looked forward to this event from the moment I heard it was going to take place from the event coordinator. Being a fan of all the artists performing made me eager to them live, it also left me wondering if the artists sound anything like they do on radio.

The show started promptly at 8pm, which was a shock in itself. Hosted by Larry Dogg (who was also the opening act) and a radio personality (unfortunately, I forgot her name). Larry Dogg was funny and very entertaining, but I couldn’t wait to see the artists.

Shirley Murdock performed first, and she sounded just as vibrant and crisp as she does on record. There were mistakes made by the sound crew, getting the right background music to play and the mic not working, but she remained professional and even tried to make light of the situation.

Dru Hill performed next and sounded really good, “dem boys can sang!“, lol. Jazz took a while before joining the rest of the group on stage, which prompted someone sitting behind me to joke that the group couldn’t wait until he was done using the bathroom. Sound crew messed up a few times again with the background music being louder than the microphones and Nokio made his frustration known. He walked off stage to the side numerous times and even Sisqo announced that they should sing a cappella. I didn’t mind that at all, because hearing them sing so nicely definitely made my husband and I remember our beginning. It’s been more than a decade, but Dru Hill is still in heavy rotation in my house and cars. I crossed my fingers hoping Sisqo would sing the thong song, as well as other audience members…but he joked that it’s a Dru Hill performance, not Sisqo. I was so ready to do my little booty dance, lol.

Lastly, Kelly Price. She was amazing! (Notice I didn’t mention Carl Thomas? He was a no show!) She sang friend of mine, a few others and my new favorite, “Tired”. Damn it, I felt goose bumps. I even liked when she had her back ground singers sing about what situations they’re tired of. She closed the show singing Shirley Murdock’s “As we lay”, adding a new ending. Shirley Murdock then joined her on stage. The new ending was appreciated because as a wife, although I like the song, it makes me want to beat up someone, lol.

All in all, even though there was a few hiccups with the sound, it was still a very nice show, with great performers. I give it 4/5 stars.

(Not Skinny) Friends!

One of the best things in the world to have when you want to lose weight, is fat friends friends who want to lose weight too!

My friend has a great figure, she’s what we call thick and very proportionate. Small waist, flat stomach and meat where most women desire it. Me on the other hand, completely different! Prior to this week, I’ve given more attention to my website than I have my midsection, so I’m now shaped like a scoop of chocolate ice-cream on an ice cream cone, lol. My proportionate friend was kind enough to introduce me to a website that pretty much like a free version of Weight Watchers (Wait…should I be offended?) and so far in the near week I’ve been on it, I’ve noticed a change.

Anyhoo, this is my 8th time this year starting a fitness regime, so let’s see how this turns out <insert annoyed face here!>. After all, I do have an Anniversary celebration coming up soon!

Love, Ronda

Who knew Yoga could be fun?

I really had a nice time at Yoga Fest today! Perfect weather, it was hot but had a comfortable cool breeze! I dressed in workout clothes but forgot my mat, so that was my excuse not to participate, lol. Shoot, that means I would have to get on the elliptical once I got home 😦

Although I was disappointed with myself because it did look as if everyone had a good time exercising, I still enjoyed walking around and meeting people I knew only through Facebook. To my surprise Yoga didn’t appear to be as dull as the three videos collecting dust in my wall-unit makes it seem. There were no classes being taught by someone who whispers over elevator music. No complete silence and lack of facial movement from an instructor. Now I know it was an outdoor event so I should expect some sound, but seeing the fun the people taking the classes were having I believe if I took this class on a regular day, I would enjoy myself!

Yoga Fest 2012 at the Civic CenterWhile walking around I met with some really nice vendors. I also stumbled upon Facebook friends from Love Your Neighbor Port St Lucie, which is a great group of volunteers who collect donations and assist local families facing medical and economic hardship. I also met with owners of a local yoga company that I had never heard of before, Sutra Yoga! The instructor was teaching a class at the moment, but her husband and his sister was monitoring the booth. They were offering FREE henna tattoos, which shocked everyone who was interested in getting one done (we’re not used to hearing the word FREE, lol).Henna TattoosI even had one done. I was worried that it wouldn’t show on my dark skin, but hey…it was free so I gave it a shot! 🙂

Butterfly Henna Tattoo on Ronda's HandDon’t pay attention to my stubby fingers (blame my father), just look at the beautiful butterfly she painted. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these tattoos, once it dries, the dark top hardens and peels off and leaves a stain. I wasn’t sure the stain would show on my skin, but it actually does! Woohoo, here’s the after pic! Kind of faint, but still shows.

After the ink dries!There was also a class for kids…so cute! I wish I knew about this part earlier, I would’ve brought my little ones. <this is the part where I sigh>

Kiddie Yoga

Anyway, watching everyone work out made me hungry, so it was time for me to head home after such a great afternoon! To view the photos from this event, visit 1st Annual Treasure Coast Yoga Fest Photos!

Thanks for reading!

Elle Varner ” Refill”

Is this video a breath of fresh air to what we are unfortunately subjected to in music videos, or was this just the beginning of a Bonny and Clyde type of relationship?

I liked this video, not only because I’m a fan of videos where girls wear clothes, but I like videos that match the song. The lyrics for the hook says:

I feel like the girl at the bar who’s been there too long
Can’t stand up!
I should be gone but I just can’t get enough, yeah!

I don’t want to read too deeply into it, because I like Elle Varner’s music, I actually like this video and thought it looked like a fun time…but we all know how this crime spree may have ended in real life. In the end I was a little sad that they won’t be able to stay in contact since the piece of paper ripped. But, was I the only one thinking, “scream the last 4 digits girl, he’ll hear you!”?, lol. Then again, she dodged a bullet, I don’t think that was his first time running out of a restaurant without paying for the meal or “borrowing” a car from valet”. That cutie was a little too bold to be a first timer!

1st Annual Walk Against Violence

March 10th was the first official Walk Against Violence event, presented by Team Bali and Dem Diamondz promotional group. I wasn’t sure what to expect after I first drove past, because I only saw a handful of people there. So, I drove to the Fort Pierce Marina to kill time and check out the scenery while I waited for more people to arrive at the location for the walk. When I returned, I noticed a few more vendor booths in place. I parked and asked a gentleman preparing his booth if he expected a large turnout. He informed me that where I was, was actually the end location of the walk and people already began walking…that put a smile on my face.

Although I would have to wait for everyone to arrive, I was happy to hear that I was at the “end zone”. I just hoped to see more than 20 people participating since this was such a great cause. While speaking to some vendors we noticed cop cars driving and closing off the ends of the road. Then we saw another cop car driving slowly with flashing lights and a large group of people behind it. I was ecstatic to see that behind that car was a huge group of participants. Signs held high and some wearing t-shirts that were dedicated to loved ones lost.

During the event, attendees were offered the opportunity to speak. Those who were willing, shared what the walk meant to them, their opinion of the current state of violence in the community and relationships between officers and civilians. The pavement was lined by prints of victims of violence, a lot of photos. Different age groups, different ethnicity, but the same fate. A sad reminder of why this event was so necessary.

Entertainment included performances by Tamara H, SDS and Legendary Bali. The acts were great and I finally had the opportunity to meet people I only spoke with on Facebook! I stayed to hear a few songs then had to prepare to leave! It was really hot outside and I still had other events to visit, so this is where my story ends! 🙂

Click to view event photos!


“Party in the Park”

Party in the Park by Morningside Church!

This was a really nice event, not to mention a FREE event. Real free, not fake free, lol. Everything was actually free, even the food! There were a lot of people, lots of activities for kids, a great car show, great singing and a cool doggy that only drinks bottled water!


 As soon as I walked towards the event I was drawn to the cars! Beautiful cars and some that were very “different”! One car was so small, I tried to imagine the size of the people who drove it. The tires were as thin as bicycle tires and the width made me think only two teens could comfortably sit in it.


While thinking of the car owners, I lost focus because in the corner of my eyes I saw lots of people wearing green t-shirts walking on the stage. In there hands were signs that stated an issue each person faced. I was curious to find out what was going on so I walked towards the stage and started snapping photos. A song played in the background and soon after, everyone turned their sign over and on the cards were the words “In His hands”, “In God’s Hands”, “Restored”, etc. It was beautiful!


I walked around for a bit more, snapped more pictures and did some chatting before it was time for me to leave for another event! To view the rest of the photos, click here!

Michael Baisden “Mix Business with Pleasure” Tour

This Thursday was the most entertaining girls night out ever!

We attended the Michael Baisden “Mix Business with Pleasure” event at the Port St Lucie Civic Center, presented by 104.7 the Flame. He touched on many topics, but of course the most enlightening had to be sex and relationships. Most of the points I agreed with, but I couldn’t agree with the idea that “ALL MEN CHEAT” and women should just accept that. I did appreciate his point of view that all marriages and relationships should do what works for them. There are open relationships, monogamous relationships, relationships where women allow men to be free while the woman would remain faithful, etc. Basically, reiterating that people should do what works for them.

Maybe the fact that I have been married for nearly 10 years, is the reason I am not accepting of the idea that all men will step outside the relationship. I would like to believe my husband never cheated. No one can ever be completely sure, but he never gave me a reason to believe he has. Am I (are women) really supposed to brace myself (themselves) for a future of infidelity? If a man is allowed to cheat, is he accepting the idea that his woman will do the same?

The “Botanica Garden Festival” at the PSL Botanical Gardens

It was such a nice day today! Not too hot, the breeze blew enough to cool us down without needing a jacket and the people were in a chatty mood!

For the last year and a half, I neglected my green thumb since the “frost” of 2010 killed the garden I worked hard to create. Now lies a bald spot in that area of my yard! Surprisingly, I found the desire to spruce up my garden all over again and this was the perfect event to start with. So many knowledgeable vendors who told me the plants I should choose for what I consider “lazy gardening”. I know I’m probably not going to water or weed as often as I need to, so I looked for low maintenance plants.

I saw some really unique, cool and semi strange things. As I walked through the gardens I came across plants that reminded me of hairstyles.

Here’s Rasta plant:

Here’s Crimps (Popular in the 90s with Fingerwaves):

and, here are the fingerwaves:

I know, I’m strange…

One vendor sold beautiful hand made outdoor showers (shaped like flowers) that you can connect to a water hose and post anywhere in your yard. There were also plants that catch flies and an edible plant that looked like it had boils on it. Not a pretty site, but I heard it tastes like collard greens!?!

I was so amazed that I think I’ll need to bring my wallet, oops sorry I mean my husband with me tomorrow! The prices weren’t bad and I’m going to need more than my “allowance” (lol, inside joke) to make my yard look the way I need it to!

Click here to view the rest of the photos!


Experiencing the Farmers Market

Have you ever been to a Farmers or  ‘Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society – Jazz Market?

Today was great! After the last few weeks of FL cold (any temperature under 62 degrees), it felt so good feeling the sun on my skin. I’m usually stuck in the house during the weekend mornings since my husband acts like a vampire and doesn’t want to see daylight. He’s the type who likes family everything. Sweet, but damn that can be annoying at times! Who wants to do a family field trip to the mall or anywhere for that matter, just to be rushed by a guy who hasn’t realized in the 10 years we’ve been together that I browse, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!?

Anyhoo, back to my experience. In all the years that I’ve lived in Port St Lucie, I have never visited any of the local green markets. Nor have I been to the Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society – Jazz Market. I didn’t even know there were two separate Markets at this location! I always thought these types of events were flea markets with fruit. Hey, I’m from NY…that’s what I was used to. By the way, it amazes me that when Floridians have yard sales or sales on Craigslist, you can find really nice items for a bargain (my house is Craigslist furnished, lol)…in NY people only sell their “eww” items cheap. Ughhh, there I go getting off topic again…Ronda’s Random Thoughts!

So, I set my alarm and made the decision to leave the family at home and go to Fort Pierce Marina to experience the green market alone. I know my husband was happy to be able to stay in bed as late as he wanted and I was happy for FREEDOM (I’m sure other stay at home moms understand, lol). I pulled up near the Marina and then I had to leave the area to find parking on a side street. Boy was this place packed! My first thought after getting out of the car was, what are all these people doing here so early in the morning? All this for fruits and veggies? Then I heard music. My next thought walking towards the market was, “damn I need to buy a pair of sneakers, because heels and dirt is not hot!”.

At the first booth, I noticed there was a guy selling Gator items. Gator ties, gator wallets, Gator key-chains and such! Gator ties? Who knew?

There was a lady selling hand made soaps that smelled good enough to eat. Authors doing book signings. Lots of vendors of all types including types I never even heard of, food and music! There were some items that really stood out. (view pics)

Then I saw these beautiful scarves, some with jewels attached. At first glance, I wondered who would need a scarf in FL? Besides being quickly reminded of how cold it has been the past few weeks, I also noticed the set up of scarves and how great it looked with tanks.

I wish I took the time to check this place out before the Holidays! I could’ve supported local businesses while buying much better Christmas gifts than what I bought. Luckily, it’s never too late to give a “just because” gift! I was shocked by the beautiful, handmade items at this market. Well made, great quality and an easy reminder of why I leave my money at home…a girl could go broke here! 🙂

If you’re local, I encourage you to check it out! I will definitely visit again!