A Cost Effective Way of Saving on Center Pieces When Planning A Wedding!

“STOP WASTING MONEY!!! Sorry about my cyber yelling, but I really want to help you understand that not everything you want for your event has to be costly. I did a little snooping around at local flower shops to see how much they’d charge for some simple centerpieces…saying I was shocked by the $$$ wouldn’t properly express how I felt. Up to $45 dollars, WHAT?!? I won’t name the stores, because I don’t want to be sued, lol. What I did do however; was include one idea and a link where you can see more for yourself

What you’ll need:

One Beautiful Glass container (you can buy this at Dollar Tree for…you guessed it, $1)
Colored Stones, Ice or Sea Shells (also sold at Dollar Tree for $1)
Tea Lights candles (whatever color you want (scented or unscented)…again at Dollar Tree 16 ct. for $1)
Water (free from your sink)

(total = $3)

Simple Steps:

-Place about 1 1/2 cup of the Stones/Ice or Shells in bowl
-Slowly add water, do this slowly from one end (not middle) of glass so shells won’t float…it’s sometimes annoying trying to get the shallow shells to settle
-Place the candles in the water (any amount you want)
-Light up the candles
-you’re done, see that was easy!

…courtesy of Ronda, you now have a super affordable, elegant centerpiece…

PS Flower petals, whether real or fake and leaves also make beautiful table decor!

This is why I love web sites like www.Save-On-Crafts.com

They were kind enough to share tons of ideas, check’m out!”

Ronda B