Who knew Yoga could be fun?

I really had a nice time at Yoga Fest today! Perfect weather, it was hot but had a comfortable cool breeze! I dressed in workout clothes but forgot my mat, so that was my excuse not to participate, lol. Shoot, that means I would have to get on the elliptical once I got home 😦

Although I was disappointed with myself because it did look as if everyone had a good time exercising, I still enjoyed walking around and meeting people I knew only through Facebook. To my surprise Yoga didn’t appear to be as dull as the three videos collecting dust in my wall-unit makes it seem. There were no classes being taught by someone who whispers over elevator music. No complete silence and lack of facial movement from an instructor. Now I know it was an outdoor event so I should expect some sound, but seeing the fun the people taking the classes were having I believe if I took this class on a regular day, I would enjoy myself!

Yoga Fest 2012 at the Civic CenterWhile walking around I met with some really nice vendors. I also stumbled upon Facebook friends from Love Your Neighbor Port St Lucie, which is a great group of volunteers who collect donations and assist local families facing medical and economic hardship. I also met with owners of a local yoga company that I had never heard of before, Sutra Yoga! The instructor was teaching a class at the moment, but her husband and his sister was monitoring the booth. They were offering FREE henna tattoos, which shocked everyone who was interested in getting one done (we’re not used to hearing the word FREE, lol).Henna TattoosI even had one done. I was worried that it wouldn’t show on my dark skin, but hey…it was free so I gave it a shot! 🙂

Butterfly Henna Tattoo on Ronda's HandDon’t pay attention to my stubby fingers (blame my father), just look at the beautiful butterfly she painted. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these tattoos, once it dries, the dark top hardens and peels off and leaves a stain. I wasn’t sure the stain would show on my skin, but it actually does! Woohoo, here’s the after pic! Kind of faint, but still shows.

After the ink dries!There was also a class for kids…so cute! I wish I knew about this part earlier, I would’ve brought my little ones. <this is the part where I sigh>

Kiddie Yoga

Anyway, watching everyone work out made me hungry, so it was time for me to head home after such a great afternoon! To view the photos from this event, visit 1st Annual Treasure Coast Yoga Fest Photos!

Thanks for reading!


Big Belly Woman!

I have been battling my weight problem for years now. I have children, but I can’t blame them because while I’m pregnant I actually eat healthy and have lost over 40 lbs. during both pregnancies. I gain it back + 10 afterwards (and people wonder why I loved being pregnant!)

I wore a size 3 when I met my husband. The first night we met, besides him swearing I’d be his wife one day, he also said he was going to fatten me up. Boy did he make good on his promises, lol. I am now a size 10…yes I announced it to the world!

I actually don’t mind my pant size, well maybe a size 8 would be nice, but I wasn’t happy skinny. My insecurity now, is my belly. I’m seriously considering lipo, but if I can lose the inches without surgery, I’ll be so happy! I exercised (<—notice the past tense), ate better and lost 18 lbs.. Thankfully, those pounds never returned, but nothing else would come off. So I’m reverting to my high school workout. Run for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds.

Note: I have been saying this for months!

I DO NOT have the motivation to begin. I AM STARTING TOMORROW MORNING!!! Plus going to dust off my elliptical and my Dance Central Kinect game. (Am I experiencing dejavu, or did I really say this to myself before?) No seriously, I’m going to do it. I saw today’s episode of Dr. Oz where he showed how being overweight contributes to certain cancers. This show reminded me of a church lesson, you know? One where you feel as if the preacher is speaking to you, and you alone! I am taking this warning seriously. I won’t say this is going to be easy, but I will say that my problem has never been overeating. It’s forgetting to eat sometimes or not eating the right things.

I know, Thanksgiving’s approaching. But, my super fit Aunt is doing the cooking and watching, so I know that day will be a breeze, lol. Plus, I wrote about my belly in this blog, so I know at least one of my friends will see this cry for help and confiscate my McDonald’s coupons!

Everyone knows what I look like now, I am the “before”…so I’ll just post an “after” pic on Christmas!!! Woohoo, go me! I already feel like a new woman…