The “Botanica Garden Festival” at the PSL Botanical Gardens

It was such a nice day today! Not too hot, the breeze blew enough to cool us down without needing a jacket and the people were in a chatty mood!

For the last year and a half, I neglected my green thumb since the “frost” of 2010 killed the garden I worked hard to create. Now lies a bald spot in that area of my yard! Surprisingly, I found the desire to spruce up my garden all over again and this was the perfect event to start with. So many knowledgeable vendors who told me the plants I should choose for what I consider “lazy gardening”. I know I’m probably not going to water or weed as often as I need to, so I looked for low maintenance plants.

I saw some really unique, cool and semi strange things. As I walked through the gardens I came across plants that reminded me of hairstyles.

Here’s Rasta plant:

Here’s Crimps (Popular in the 90s with Fingerwaves):

and, here are the fingerwaves:

I know, I’m strange…

One vendor sold beautiful hand made outdoor showers (shaped like flowers) that you can connect to a water hose and post anywhere in your yard. There were also plants that catch flies and an edible plant that looked like it had boils on it. Not a pretty site, but I heard it tastes like collard greens!?!

I was so amazed that I think I’ll need to bring my wallet, oops sorry I mean my husband with me tomorrow! The prices weren’t bad and I’m going to need more than my “allowance” (lol, inside joke) to make my yard look the way I need it to!

Click here to view the rest of the photos!



Experiencing the Farmers Market

Have you ever been to a Farmers or  ‘Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society – Jazz Market?

Today was great! After the last few weeks of FL cold (any temperature under 62 degrees), it felt so good feeling the sun on my skin. I’m usually stuck in the house during the weekend mornings since my husband acts like a vampire and doesn’t want to see daylight. He’s the type who likes family everything. Sweet, but damn that can be annoying at times! Who wants to do a family field trip to the mall or anywhere for that matter, just to be rushed by a guy who hasn’t realized in the 10 years we’ve been together that I browse, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!?

Anyhoo, back to my experience. In all the years that I’ve lived in Port St Lucie, I have never visited any of the local green markets. Nor have I been to the Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society – Jazz Market. I didn’t even know there were two separate Markets at this location! I always thought these types of events were flea markets with fruit. Hey, I’m from NY…that’s what I was used to. By the way, it amazes me that when Floridians have yard sales or sales on Craigslist, you can find really nice items for a bargain (my house is Craigslist furnished, lol)…in NY people only sell their “eww” items cheap. Ughhh, there I go getting off topic again…Ronda’s Random Thoughts!

So, I set my alarm and made the decision to leave the family at home and go to Fort Pierce Marina to experience the green market alone. I know my husband was happy to be able to stay in bed as late as he wanted and I was happy for FREEDOM (I’m sure other stay at home moms understand, lol). I pulled up near the Marina and then I had to leave the area to find parking on a side street. Boy was this place packed! My first thought after getting out of the car was, what are all these people doing here so early in the morning? All this for fruits and veggies? Then I heard music. My next thought walking towards the market was, “damn I need to buy a pair of sneakers, because heels and dirt is not hot!”.

At the first booth, I noticed there was a guy selling Gator items. Gator ties, gator wallets, Gator key-chains and such! Gator ties? Who knew?

There was a lady selling hand made soaps that smelled good enough to eat. Authors doing book signings. Lots of vendors of all types including types I never even heard of, food and music! There were some items that really stood out. (view pics)

Then I saw these beautiful scarves, some with jewels attached. At first glance, I wondered who would need a scarf in FL? Besides being quickly reminded of how cold it has been the past few weeks, I also noticed the set up of scarves and how great it looked with tanks.

I wish I took the time to check this place out before the Holidays! I could’ve supported local businesses while buying much better Christmas gifts than what I bought. Luckily, it’s never too late to give a “just because” gift! I was shocked by the beautiful, handmade items at this market. Well made, great quality and an easy reminder of why I leave my money at home…a girl could go broke here! 🙂

If you’re local, I encourage you to check it out! I will definitely visit again!

Tail feather……. (Update)

So, after an exciting few weeks of totally forgetting about this project, my son showed me the Gingerbread we haven’t completed yet. We went through items and picked out some great things to include, but then the unthinkable happened. He decided to make a Gingerbread Mommy. Uh oh!

I’m so flattered, my baby loves me ❤ however, I wasn’t prepared for this. I have a house full of boys. We have tiny socks we could’ve added to make it look as cute as we did his teddy bears, we even have a tiny baseball cap I created with items from Joann’s. How do we transition to a girl? Well, its his project, and he wants to make mommy feel special (aww, I’m blushing). At first I was worried, because I’m a girly girl. All I can picture putting on this Ginger Mommy is a pair of skinny jeans, pumps and a blouse. I don’t have the right material for that, or the talent (lol)…so we’ll have to make do with construction paper and markers.

Items used:

  • Markers
  • Glitter
  • Cloth
  • Purple Shredded construction paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue

We lined the shirt and skirt areas, then placed glue to give it a glitter shine. We then placed glue on the bottom area to give her a shirt. He started coloring in the shirt, but then he thought it looked like a boy, so we colored cloth and glue it to the top. I tried coming up with something to add, so I had the bright idea to add hair (colored a sheet of paper dark brown). Finally my son wanted to make her festive, so we created a Santa hat. Here’s the finished product:

So Random…but, ever think about your favorite tv character?

Have you ever watched an old television show and wondered how that person is doing today?

That’s a question I face every time I see a show with Sherman Hemsley. I watch “The Jeffersons” and “Amen” religiously! I think he is an icon who has brought comedy and charisma to every show I have seen him in (whether his own or guest starring on someone else’s). Known for his loud mouth, slick tongue and funny walk. We know there’s so much more, but we’re not given the chance to see. Speaking to a few friends I learned they felt the same way I do. Why is it that he has not been honored like he should have been? There’s something wrong when we’re quick to idolize or consider people celebrities when they’re famous for something they should be ashamed of. People like him, fade to the back. Sadly, most of the characters from the Jefferson’s have passed away. I’m left wondering how we can make sure Mr. Hemsley and actors like him receive the acknowledgement he deserves, while he can enjoy it! The perfect ex neighbor of Archie Bunker. 🙂


Big Belly Woman!

I have been battling my weight problem for years now. I have children, but I can’t blame them because while I’m pregnant I actually eat healthy and have lost over 40 lbs. during both pregnancies. I gain it back + 10 afterwards (and people wonder why I loved being pregnant!)

I wore a size 3 when I met my husband. The first night we met, besides him swearing I’d be his wife one day, he also said he was going to fatten me up. Boy did he make good on his promises, lol. I am now a size 10…yes I announced it to the world!

I actually don’t mind my pant size, well maybe a size 8 would be nice, but I wasn’t happy skinny. My insecurity now, is my belly. I’m seriously considering lipo, but if I can lose the inches without surgery, I’ll be so happy! I exercised (<—notice the past tense), ate better and lost 18 lbs.. Thankfully, those pounds never returned, but nothing else would come off. So I’m reverting to my high school workout. Run for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds.

Note: I have been saying this for months!

I DO NOT have the motivation to begin. I AM STARTING TOMORROW MORNING!!! Plus going to dust off my elliptical and my Dance Central Kinect game. (Am I experiencing dejavu, or did I really say this to myself before?) No seriously, I’m going to do it. I saw today’s episode of Dr. Oz where he showed how being overweight contributes to certain cancers. This show reminded me of a church lesson, you know? One where you feel as if the preacher is speaking to you, and you alone! I am taking this warning seriously. I won’t say this is going to be easy, but I will say that my problem has never been overeating. It’s forgetting to eat sometimes or not eating the right things.

I know, Thanksgiving’s approaching. But, my super fit Aunt is doing the cooking and watching, so I know that day will be a breeze, lol. Plus, I wrote about my belly in this blog, so I know at least one of my friends will see this cry for help and confiscate my McDonald’s coupons!

Everyone knows what I look like now, I am the “before”…so I’ll just post an “after” pic on Christmas!!! Woohoo, go me! I already feel like a new woman…

What’s that smell? Oh…it’s just my mother!

Do you know someone who smells as if they bathe in perfume? Well, you probably met my mom. She’s a sweet, loving lady, but she doesn’t believe me when I tell her one or two squirts of the perfume she uses is ALL THAT SHE NEEDS!!! I figured, since she won’t take my word for it, maybe she’ll take me seriously now that I’m blogging about her, lol.

I don’t want to be mean, but how do I get her to listen? If it was a Bath and Body Works spray or something from Walmart, I can understand her thinking the scent will wear off the second the breeze blows. I already have allergies and maybe that makes me a little sensitive, but good gosh…aside from my eyes burning and watering now, the strong scent gives me a headache!

Someone help!!! How can I kindly get her to slow down? Especially since it doesn’t seem to bother anyone but me!


Tail feather…

How embarrassing…

How many times are our children sent home with projects? Of course parents are expected to assist, but my shame began when I thought I should let my son control the outcome of his decorated ‘turkey feather construction paper cut out’. How was I to know the parents would take the opportunity to relive their past?

This Wednesday, I went to my son’s school for the Kindergartner’s Thanksgiving Feast. As we finished and I walked through the tiny tots hall, to get his backpack from his class, we passed all the decorated turkey feathers from each class. I was able to spot my son’s quickly because it was the simplest, lol. EVERY other feather was so beautifully decorated, so fancy. Some covered in actual feathers, some covered in beads, macaroni, different glitter colors and accessories, I could go on and on. Really exquisite designs. For my son’s tail, we made three straight lines, a few glitter spots and colored it three shades. He wanted to do more, I just wanted to finish. Next time I’ll let my baby do it his way! 😦

Now he has a new project. This one came with instructions attached to a brown cut out of a gingerbread person! It says “do as a family”, lol. I wonder if his teacher sent that letter specifically for me after seeing our last work of art? I could be overdoing it, feeling pressure to create the most amazing gingerbread person, but we are determined to go all out with this one! My son said he’s using everything in his crafts draw! We’ll see…..

I will update this post once we complete it!

Hi, do you barter?

Starting out a with a small business, I needed products to promote myself that could be made quickly and within my “newborn” budget. Yes, my main goal is to support local businesses exclusively, but as much as I would like to, it’s not always realistic. Everyone is out to make a buck, understandable…we all have to eat. But when the cost to purchase local items result in double the price compared to other areas, and a longer turnaround time, it leaves someone with a small budget and no time to spare no choice but to look for products elsewhere.

I did online quotes at bigger printing companies as well as small businesses throughout South FL, getting the average price for promotional cups, tees, buttons, etc. Just so I can have a price to compare. There’s a show taking place this weekend and three weeks ago (sort of last minute) I made the decision to participate. I asked for referrals and shopped around at local printing companies trying to find someplace in my county that offered items I needed quickly and reasonably priced. They were great, items looked very professional and they had terrific remarks from former and present customers. The problem was that in order to receive the products in time, I would have to spend even more money and they were already charging 2x the amounts of my online quotes. So my total cost would be 3x the average. Sorry!

My question to small business owners: With so many small businesses struggling and closing its doors, even companies that have been around for decades…how can we succeed? We need money to pay bills, but when we can benefit from each other’s services, are you willing to barter?

“Don’t Drink Bush Tea for Other People’s Fever” Ronda’s Special Series Intro!

Don’t drink bush tea for other people’s fever…..

Now, I won’t even attempt to figure out where this saying originated, but I remember my mom saying this to me since I was a little girl. For those who need clarification, it basically means, just because your friend has a headache, that doesn’t mean you have to take an aspirin, lol.

But it goes deeper than that, and can be used in many situations.

For instance: have you noticed that on of your friends or family members may have a beef with someone, and just because they don’t like a person, you’re automatically expected not to like said person either? What’s up with that? I get the family bond thingy, but I didn’t choose my “loved ones”, I chose my friend, lol.  Wait…that didn’t come out right.

Anyway, a lot of crazy things have happened lately. They all relate to the “Bush Tea” theme so I decided to create a series of Blogs with the title. Stay tuned!

Do you watch the Draya show?

Every week I look forward to Basketball Wives LA. Not because I believe it’s actual reality, but because I appreciate how they can take people no one really cares about and make us kind of care. Or, at least make us want to see what happens to them next.

So, incase you’ve missed it…

This week on the Draya show, Jackie spent the whole episode trying to turn everyone against Laura. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS OLD CRAZY LADY? Why is she such a teenager, mentally? So many things are wrong with her.

  • First, she makes a statement and if someone else says the exact same thing, she twists it in her brain somehow, where she believes she’s being attacked.
  • Second, she’s always asking everyone else how she should feel, or if she should be friends with so and so. She confuses me as much as she does Imani (do you see the confused look Imani gives every episode?  lol).
  • Then, no matter what the purpose of meeting with one of the girls is supposed to be (helping Draya with a clothing line, checking out Malaysia’s jewelry line), she always turns the topic into a moment of gossip.

She is so messy, and I’m curious to find out if she makes it to a 17th wedding, since the preview for next week has me thinking her husband is now afraid!

Jackie really needs to grow up! These girls are half her age, but so much more mature! Stop making yourself the joke of Basketball Wives.  Self proclaimed or not, you will never be the first lady of the NBA, unless you add the word “crazy” in between!