1st Annual Walk Against Violence

March 10th was the first official Walk Against Violence event, presented by Team Bali and Dem Diamondz promotional group. I wasn’t sure what to expect after I first drove past, because I only saw a handful of people there. So, I drove to the Fort Pierce Marina to kill time and check out the scenery while I waited for more people to arrive at the location for the walk. When I returned, I noticed a few more vendor booths in place. I parked and asked a gentleman preparing his booth if he expected a large turnout. He informed me that where I was, was actually the end location of the walk and people already began walking…that put a smile on my face.

Although I would have to wait for everyone to arrive, I was happy to hear that I was at the “end zone”. I just hoped to see more than 20 people participating since this was such a great cause. While speaking to some vendors we noticed cop cars driving and closing off the ends of the road. Then we saw another cop car driving slowly with flashing lights and a large group of people behind it. I was ecstatic to see that behind that car was a huge group of participants. Signs held high and some wearing t-shirts that were dedicated to loved ones lost.

During the event, attendees were offered the opportunity to speak. Those who were willing, shared what the walk meant to them, their opinion of the current state of violence in the community and relationships between officers and civilians. The pavement was lined by prints of victims of violence, a lot of photos. Different age groups, different ethnicity, but the same fate. A sad reminder of why this event was so necessary.

Entertainment included performances by Tamara H, SDS and Legendary Bali. The acts were great and I finally had the opportunity to meet people I only spoke with on Facebook! I stayed to hear a few songs then had to prepare to leave! It was really hot outside and I still had other events to visit, so this is where my story ends! ūüôā

Click to view event photos!



“Party in the Park”

Party in the Park by Morningside Church!

This was a really nice event, not to mention a FREE event. Real free, not fake free, lol. Everything was actually free, even the food! There were a lot of people, lots of activities for kids, a great car show, great singing and a cool doggy that only drinks bottled water!


¬†As soon as I walked towards the event I was drawn to the cars! Beautiful cars and some that were very “different”! One car was so small, I tried to imagine the size of the people who drove it. The tires were as thin as bicycle tires and the width made me think only two teens could comfortably sit in it.


While thinking of the car owners, I lost focus because in the corner of my eyes I saw lots of people wearing green t-shirts walking on the stage. In there hands were signs that stated an issue each person faced. I was curious to find out what was going on so I walked towards the stage and started snapping photos. A song played in the background and soon after, everyone turned their sign over and on the cards were the words “In His hands”, “In God’s Hands”, “Restored”, etc. It was beautiful!


I walked around for a bit more, snapped more pictures and did some chatting before it was time for me to leave for another event! To view the rest of the photos, click here!

Treasure Coast Seafood Festival

Post for my locals!

This Saturday was the Treasure Coast Seafood Festival at the Civic Center, which was really more like a gathering. Usually I’m not so “candid” about city events, but after seeing the turn out, I felt I should voice post my opinion.

This area is not as dull as it used to be. Every week there are a variety of events taking place. A lot of the people coordinating these events don’t want to or maybe can’t afford to invest in advertising, just little banners on some streets that most people don’t notice (I do because collecting info is my hobby, lol). After visiting a few of the latest unsuccessful events, I decided no longer will I stop myself from writing what I really thought. Maybe one of the planners or those in charge of “freeing up the budget” would read this and make some changes. Now, here are my ideas:

  1. Send the information to me in advance (pretty much, as soon as you decide you’re going to have it), not two days prior. We offer FREE event and business listings, use it!
  2. For a nominal fee, I will advertise your event. I will post it on the websites I am affiliated with, on my website, newsletters, etc.
  3. Create a Facebook event about it. As much as you may dislike Facebook, it’s pretty helpful in getting the word out. Someone will read it and likely tag me or another local listing website in it!
  4. No one is saying you have to purchase billboard space, but as you can see, lawn signs aren’t really helping the cause! There are already a lot of people in this area who barely notice when the yellow school light is blinking and it’s time to drive 20 MPH, what makes you think people are focusing on a small sign on the ground? Unless it says “yard sale”, don’t expect to grab a lot of attention!
  5. There are a lot more, but most importantly…consider other events taking place the same day! This is not the first time I’ve mentioned this! One of the biggest complaints I get is “why are they having this event on that day?” I have to remind people that my website it privately owned and I do not work with or for the city. Therefore, I cannot control when they decide to host an event!

Simply changing the date of an event can save planners the embarrassment and vendors from disappointment. For every 100 invites, expect maybe 20 – 50 of those people to show up…divide that by 2 – 4 if your event is schedule the same day as many others! It’s not a wedding, people don’t need to RSVP, nor do they have any responsibility to show up. If you choose a day when there’s not much else going on, you’ll have one heck of a festival!

I was sooooo looking forward to having some delicious seafood, but I ended up just spending less than 20 minutes there. ūüė¶ The band was great though!

I wasn’t going to add pictures, but they prove my point, so click and check them out!!!

I love Old(er) people

Have you ever met someone and felt a connection immediately? I don’t mean a connection with a potential lover, I mean a connection with a stranger who feels like she’s that older, wiser family member. Like your grandmother or something. When I first moved to the south, I came across this individual and wondering what she’s up to today, has led me to this post.

Living in FL I have been around “older” folks quite often and have had conversations with them. Yes, at times I did feel forced into the conversation, but in my case it’s not like I have anything to lose by engaging in it, often times I was happy to listen.

I used to walk in the mall early in the morning, because its a lot cooler than walking outside, no bugs (besides strangers who wanted to see my baby,¬† ūüėČ ) and it was the perfect environment. I stopped going because I would find myself interrupted by someone, or a group of people who noticed the stroller and felt the need to surround me. Something about babies/toddlers, it’s mesmerizing.

Back to my point. I would never get to finish the type of fast paced walk I planned. I could be annoyed, but I remember the day I sat down and a woman decided to sit right next to me. I wondered why she chose this bench, when there were four other benches in the same area, empty…but it’s not like I brought the seat from home, so I politely said, good morning and she smiled at me. That smile literally turned into an almost 2 hour conversation. All I wanted was a quick rest period and here I am discussing life. This woman shared some funny, sweet and even sad stories with me. I was curious, because some of my friends told me I always look so serious, so I asked the woman what made her decide to sit with me. She told me, she was trying something new. Haha, I realized I was an item she could cross off her bucket list. She actually told me, she has NEVER had a conversation with a young black girl before. WOW!!!!!

I fell in love with her personality, and the fact that she was so blunt. That’s just how I am, so I didn’t take offense to it. We both laughed. I was surprised that this woman, who by the way mentioned she’s in her 70s, has never had a conversation with a “black girl”. She laughed even harder when I corrected her and said, “not only did you have a conversation with a black girl, you just spoke with a PuertoTrinNewYorkan”. I’m a sistah, but my parents are Puerto Rican and Trinidadian and I was born in NY so she was able to kill 5 birds with one stone, hehe.

I enjoyed getting most of the attention. Usually, I am invisible whenever my son was around. Yes, her first thought was to mention how cute my baby was, but most of the conversation was directed towards me. She really wanted someone to speak with, I could tell she wanted someone to listen, and I was going to do just that. We were both intrigued by how much we had in common, who would’ve guessed? Both married at the age of 20 and time to ourselves included a simple stroll in a mall, lol. It was just two hours of my lifetime that we spoke, or have ever seen each other. But this woman owns it, and oh how I miss her.

I always hear about older people being ignored and disrespected, I encourage people to be nicer to them and pray we get to live that long.

Ronda – http://www.supportstluciecounty.com

No sleep, but busy day still…

Today was a busy day!

I didn’t get to bed until 5am this morning, but I couldn’t let¬†my lack of sleep ruin my opportunity to check out some of the day’s events. There’s way too much going on. First stop on my list was the Back to School Fun Day hosted by Dem Damn Diamondz!

This event took place at the Martin Luther King Dreamland Park in Fort Pierce. Yesterday I worried about a tropical storm raining on our parade, but it turns out the sun beaming on my forehead would become the real issue. Boy was it hot!

As soon as my husband, kids and I got out of¬†the car, we heard the music playing and saw my 2 year old who is a character bopping his¬†head to the beat. First thing we did once in the park was buy ice cream. Thanks so much to the person who decided to place the truck right¬†near the entry, not only was it a convenient location…but it provided shade when I needed¬†a break from taking pictures and didn’t want to stand under a tree. Bugs scare me, lol.

Music was provided by¬†our local favorite, DJ DA. I didn’t know what to expect for a Back to School Fun Day, but I had a great time watching the entertainment. The event was packed with children, parents near by and the great thing about it was that the¬†school supplies weren’t just handed out to kids. The Diamondz had the kids compete in dance! Although all the children were ultimately winners here, seeing them dance for specially designed backpacks, school necessities or¬†simply for the fun of it made the event engaging and a lot more interesting. There was even a performance by two talented and adorable little girls, who sang and rapped.

I had to go shortly after because we still had three other venues to visit, but I was happy to see a group of young women plan and succeed at something so positive.

To see photos from this event, click here!


St Lucie & Martin County, what gives?

I started¬†my website a few months ago as a hub, for people who think there’s never anything going on. I did my research and found there were 66 other sites with basically the same idea…yet people didn’t know events were happening in this area. I wanted to peer up with someone already in the biz, but some people HATE the idea of someone else being interested in the same thing, so that proved to be a wasted effort and I ventured out on my own. After a month I was asked by business owners with events at their location,¬†to include Martin County.

I’m on my web site daily. Uploading events for people to enjoy. Working hard to gather information directly from the source or social engines, yet other site owners just copy.

P.S.¬†we know they were copied from us because we’ve added fake events briefly to prove it and saw them on other sites soon after (as expected). Do your own damn work! hahaha!

Can you believe out of 66 sites, I have met¬†four site owners but only 1(one) other site owner didn’t have a nasty attitude. Unfortunately for her, because she works hard, others are jealous and behave like politicians on a smear campaign, but it only makes them look disgusting foolish. As a result of my rant here, I¬†may become a target too, but all I will say is I do believe in a higher power and I definitely believe in “what goes around, comes around”…so choose your battles with me, wisely! ūüėČ

Back to my blog subject! Whether its something for teens, adults, kids or seniors…there is usually something going on for everyone. The problem is, no matter how many people access the site, and how many are interested and even RSVP on Facebook…the day of the event comes and no one shows up. So why are people still complaining?

To the residents:

Don’t complain that there’s nothing to do, when people like me have websites proving otherwise. Don’t complain when promoters, etc. make sure their events are made public. They spend money advertising on the web, radio, print ads and with huge banners all over the place, and you¬†don’t attend.

Promoters, Businesses:

Don’t complain that no one showed up to your event when there are 16 other events taking place in our small area on the same day. It is sometimes better to suck it up and change the date of your event, to ensure you’re not competing with so many others. This city is not heavily populated. So be easy on the¬†few people who actually leave their homes. Understand that they will choose¬†the event most appealing to them. You can’t blame anyone for the thousands of dollars you wasted by still having to pay for a venue, entertainment, food, etc. when you would’ve¬†wasted just a few hundred instead, by switching the date. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. There is really no need for people to be so competitive, because as you’ve realized now, communicating with your so-called competition and coordinating to make sure your event has an opportunity to be successful comes from sharing information. There actually is room for everyone to do well!

That’s all for now. But I’d definitely appreciate feedback on my post. What do you think St Lucie and Martin County needs to make it more fun? What events will you support? Keep the money here and support your local businesses, event coordinators and me, lol!

Karaoke at the Jetty!!!

Jetty Lounge

I’ve always loved Karaoke. The idea of someone with no voice training, climbing on stage to¬†sing in front of friends and strangers puts a smile on my face thinking about it. I just haven’t had the pleasure of seeing many people participate in person.

I’ve dreamt of the day when me and a couple of my good friends would visit a venue, and sing our hearts out. Cyndi Lauper’s, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” would be my choice. This remains a dream, because I don’t have the guts to do it, neither do any of my friends.

This Saturday my new bff and I had the pleasure of stopping by the Jetty Lounge. We stood out like two flies in milk, as a gentleman there simply pointed out, lol…but I didn’t care. I wanted to hear some singing and snap photos of the brave ones, to post on my website. I walked to the front to see if I could find the “Karaoke King” himself, Bryce. From Facebook posts I knew he loved Karaoke, and my friend and I wanted to see what the Karaoke craze was all about. I spotted him, waited until he finished getting the next performer ready¬†and introduced myself. He was very nice……I heart nice people! I also met his better half. Such a great pair these two are!

The lounge was smokey, so I had to walk in and out a couple of times due to allergies, but that would be my only issue. The people we came in contact with were welcoming, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and open to singing. This felt more like an Open Mic Night showcase, than Karaoke because almost everyone had a really nice voice. The first group who sang B-52’s “Love Shack” sounded like the real thing. There was a tall beauty who sang a country song. Her voice was amazing and I was tempted to ask for her autograph, because she had star quality! The night was young, but we still had other venues to make quick stops at, but this was a great night so far. Can’t wait for my next visit to the Jetty!

Ughhh? GPS and the Sunset Festival

I’ve been to the Fort Pierce Marina before, but sometimes when I have a lot to do I lose my sense of direction, lol. Does that ever happen to you? Well, I turned on my trusty (or should I say, ‘not so trusty’) GPS and was on my way to Sunset Festival Caribbean Night. It led me over the bridge¬†to Hutchinson Island Beach, right next to two guy’s who had just finished scuba diving.¬†Hubby asked them for directions and we realized we past the Marina 10 minutes ago. Ughhhh!

So, we finally arrive¬†and I hear some great music playing. Of course most people are too shy to dance in the daylight, so during this time I roam the vendor areas trying to see how I can “Support St Lucie County”…(you like how I snuck that in there? lol). Immediately I see Tony’s Gyro stand, and we’re¬†huge fans so we take 2 to go, then walk around the other tables. My eyes quickly spot jewelry and since I like handmade and exotic pieces I end up buying some really nice earrings. I wish I picked up more : (

I turn around and¬†notice a sign saying “Free”…my feet couldn’t help but to walk closer to it. That’s when I realized the woman in charge of the items was none other than Nichole Rouse, who owns the Treasure Coast Reuse Center. We speak for a little while and I realize how great and important her work is. If you ever need anything, contact her before heading to the store. She has lots of items to give away,¬†FREE! Same goes for those willing to donate. If there’s something you no longer need, there’s always someone else who does. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

During this time, my nose is still at work and I smell jerk chicken and conch fritters, yummmm. The sun goes down just in time for me to stuff my face without everyone seeing how I chew. The food was so delicious we had to get a second order of everything. We watch the musicians play, a woman dancing the night away while seated in a chair and the singer telling her¬†“That chair is too hot, someone get her some water it’s going to burn”, lol…and people are enjoying the festivities. They play the Electric Slide song and people join in to do the famous dance. Soon after my kids were tired, so it was time for us to go home. But, we had a very nice time and look forward to the next one!