I’m a dog lover? 5th Annual Mutt Derby!

I NEVER liked dogs in the past. I remember being chased by dogs in my old neighborhood and being bitten by my Aunt’s neighbor’s dog in Trinidad. But, as I got older I realized, it wasn’t really the dogs, it’s their owners. When I went to school in Manhattan, the dogs there were friendly. I didn’t need to cross the street when someone walking their dog approached. The dogs didn’t seem to bark! I’m noticing the same in Florida.

I won’t lie, I’m still slightly afraid of pit bulls because when I think of a pit bull, I remember guys fighting dogs near the schoolyard in Queens. I remember a dog’s jaw “locking” on its owner’s hand and him screaming and running around with a dog attached to him that refused to let go. But, who’s to blame? Owners raise pets, just as parents raise children. If you train your child to fight, be aggressive towards anything that crosses its path and yell, you can’t be surprised if your child gets in trouble. Kids rebel, should we be shocked when a dog does the same?

My sister owned a pit bull. She was beautiful! White with a pink nose and looked like she lifts weights, lol. She also had a Shitsu, who I absolutely loved. This dog wasn’t as small as they usually are and she jumped really high. Such a friendly dog and I really looked forward to visiting my sister, just because of this pooch (shhh, don’t tell her I said that)! I was heartbroken when I found out she gave the dogs away to friends, how DARE she not offer her to me!!! Ever since I found out my sister gave away her dogs, I’ve been on the hunt for my own! I really love small dogs, but my house is full of boys and my husband thinks it’s too girly. I find myself visiting the websites of the local no-kill shelters every few days and I’m sure by now two of the shelter volunteers know my voice very well.

I find myself wanting a dog so bad that I traded the option of having another child (don’t quote me on that!). This desire for a pet made attending the 5th Annual Mutt Derby at The Fur Seasons a must! It was a whole lot of fun! There were dog races, doggy swim time, silent auctions, vendors for dogs and even pet adoptions! This event benefited the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast and once again, I think I met the doggy(ies) of my dreams. Take a look at these beauties:

Before you can reach outside to where the event was taking place, I passed a room with dogs looking for “furever” homes. These two captured my attention immediately! Their ears and golden / brown colors were so beautiful. I spoke with a woman from the humane society and found out the steps to adopt a dog. In order to adopt a pet all the members of the household must meet the animal, unfortunately my family was still at home sleeping, so I could only place the smaller beauty on a 24 hour hold. I knew my kids would love her, but I wasn’t sure about my husband. He never makes immediate decisions unless it comes to purchasing something for a car, lol.

My heart was slightly broken because I came so close to being a dog owner, but I had to suck it up and check out the entertainment. As I walked outside there was a humungous shaggy dog that moved too much for me to get a clear photo. A great big mix of breeds and owners who couldn’t wait to show off their pooch’s talents and racing ability. It must’ve been 95 degrees! While sweating and standing in a shaded area, a lady stood next to me with her little cutie pie who does the Cha Cha!

Cha Cha dancing dog!The races continued. Over 30 races in all! Dogs were placed in groups determined by weight and some of them looked highly trained in the field!

Then there were some dogs who decided running for a ribbon wasn’t enough for them, so they stayed put! It was really cool to watch the Greyhounds compete: After all the running and doggy socializing, the dogs had the chance to do something I’m sure we all wanted to do! They lined up….

To take a dip in the Dog Bone Shaped Swimming Pool! Aww!

While some took advantage of the opportunity to swim, others spent their pool time checking out the “scenery”! I’m pretty sure you can guess which ones are the males and which are females (just kidding!)

At this point I was melting and found myself jealous of my furry friends, so I went to the car show at Autogeek nearby, then headed home!

To view the photos from this event, click here!