Michael Baisden “Mix Business with Pleasure” Tour

This Thursday was the most entertaining girls night out ever!

We attended the Michael Baisden “Mix Business with Pleasure” event at the Port St Lucie Civic Center, presented by 104.7 the Flame. He touched on many topics, but of course the most enlightening had to be sex and relationships. Most of the points I agreed with, but I couldn’t agree with the idea that “ALL MEN CHEAT” and women should just accept that. I did appreciate his point of view that all marriages and relationships should do what works for them. There are open relationships, monogamous relationships, relationships where women allow men to be free while the woman would remain faithful, etc. Basically, reiterating that people should do what works for them.

Maybe the fact that I have been married for nearly 10 years, is the reason I am not accepting of the idea that all men will step outside the relationship. I would like to believe my husband never cheated. No one can ever be completely sure, but he never gave me a reason to believe he has. Am I (are women) really supposed to brace myself (themselves) for a future of infidelity? If a man is allowed to cheat, is he accepting the idea that his woman will do the same?


Treasure Coast Seafood Festival

Post for my locals!

This Saturday was the Treasure Coast Seafood Festival at the Civic Center, which was really more like a gathering. Usually I’m not so “candid” about city events, but after seeing the turn out, I felt I should voice post my opinion.

This area is not as dull as it used to be. Every week there are a variety of events taking place. A lot of the people coordinating these events don’t want to or maybe can’t afford to invest in advertising, just little banners on some streets that most people don’t notice (I do because collecting info is my hobby, lol). After visiting a few of the latest unsuccessful events, I decided no longer will I stop myself from writing what I really thought. Maybe one of the planners or those in charge of “freeing up the budget” would read this and make some changes. Now, here are my ideas:

  1. Send the information to me in advance (pretty much, as soon as you decide you’re going to have it), not two days prior. We offer FREE event and business listings, use it!
  2. For a nominal fee, I will advertise your event. I will post it on the websites I am affiliated with, on my website, newsletters, etc.
  3. Create a Facebook event about it. As much as you may dislike Facebook, it’s pretty helpful in getting the word out. Someone will read it and likely tag me or another local listing website in it!
  4. No one is saying you have to purchase billboard space, but as you can see, lawn signs aren’t really helping the cause! There are already a lot of people in this area who barely notice when the yellow school light is blinking and it’s time to drive 20 MPH, what makes you think people are focusing on a small sign on the ground? Unless it says “yard sale”, don’t expect to grab a lot of attention!
  5. There are a lot more, but most importantly…consider other events taking place the same day! This is not the first time I’ve mentioned this! One of the biggest complaints I get is “why are they having this event on that day?” I have to remind people that my website it privately owned and I do not work with or for the city. Therefore, I cannot control when they decide to host an event!

Simply changing the date of an event can save planners the embarrassment and vendors from disappointment. For every 100 invites, expect maybe 20 – 50 of those people to show up…divide that by 2 – 4 if your event is schedule the same day as many others! It’s not a wedding, people don’t need to RSVP, nor do they have any responsibility to show up. If you choose a day when there’s not much else going on, you’ll have one heck of a festival!

I was sooooo looking forward to having some delicious seafood, but I ended up just spending less than 20 minutes there. ūüė¶ The band was great though!

I wasn’t going to add pictures, but they prove my point, so click and check them out!!!

The “Botanica Garden Festival” at the PSL Botanical Gardens

It was such a nice day today! Not too hot, the breeze blew enough to cool us down without needing a jacket and the people were in a chatty mood!

For the last year and a half, I neglected my green thumb since the “frost” of 2010 killed the garden I worked hard to create. Now lies a bald spot in that area of my yard! Surprisingly, I found the desire to spruce up my garden all over again and this was the perfect event to start with. So many knowledgeable vendors who told me the plants I should choose for what I consider “lazy gardening”. I know I’m probably not going to water or weed as often as I need to, so I looked for low maintenance plants.

I saw some really unique, cool and semi strange things. As I walked through the gardens I came across plants that reminded me of hairstyles.

Here’s Rasta plant:

Here’s Crimps (Popular in the 90s with Fingerwaves):

and, here are the fingerwaves:

I know, I’m strange…

One vendor sold beautiful hand made outdoor showers (shaped like flowers) that you can connect to a water hose and post anywhere in your yard. There were also plants that catch flies and an edible plant that looked like it had boils on it. Not a pretty site, but I heard it tastes like collard greens!?!

I was so amazed that I think I’ll need to bring my wallet, oops sorry I mean my husband with me tomorrow! The prices weren’t bad and I’m going to need more than my “allowance” (lol, inside joke) to make my yard look the way I need it to!

Click here to view the rest of the photos!


Sneaker Rush celebrates 1 year

With a number of successful events under their belt, Sneaker Rush celebrates their 1 year Anniversary on October 23rd. This event is expected to draw quite a crowd of sneaker lovers, young and old(er). A celebration that is also a great opportunity for individuals to network, mingle and provide footwear to those less fortunate.
Sneaker Rush is not just an event though, it has become a culture. For those who can’t wait for the opportunity to show off their hottest pair of footwear to other sneaker enthusiasts…this is the event you don’t want to miss! Buy, sell, donate or just view some of the most exclusive sneakers ever created. There will be a DJ, vendors, live performances, food and more! Most importantly, Sneaker Rush is working with Soles4Souls, a shoe charity organization to create a shoe drive, donating shoes to those in need.
More information can be found at www.supportstluciecounty.com/sneakerrush.html
Date: October 23, 2011
Time: 3PM – 9PM
Location:  Port Saint Lucie Community Center

                2195 SE Airoso Blvd.,
                Port Saint Lucie
Admission: $10
Vendor Contact Information: Kenny Celestin (772) 626-7648. Sneakerrush@gmail.com
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Reggae Love Concert at the Port St Lucie Civic Center

The concert that was supposed to take place last month, came in August with a bang! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend last night’s concert at the Port St Lucie Civic Center, but from the photos provided by Lee “Infared Photos”, I feel as if I was there. The crowd looked awesome, and I know from having listened to the artists who performed for many years, this was a great day for our small town!

To view the gallery, click here!

Bealls Back to School Open House

This Sunday was the Bealls Back to School Open House at Florida Locations. I made it my business to check out the one on US-1 in Port St Lucie, since Tracey, the Area Manager there was kind enough to allow me to add a printable coupon to my web site, for our visitors.

I was halfway there when it felt as if Port St Lucie was being hit by a mini hurricane. The rain was pouring down, hard on the windshield and that’s when I noticed it was time for new wiper blades, lol. I didn’t want to waste the gas spent so I continued on my journey. I was surprised to see that the parking lot at Bealls was pretty full. Geez!?! No matter what day of the week it is,¬†the time or the weather conditions, Floridians sure can shop!

I raced through the rain and paused at the entry door, trying to shake as much rain off of my umbrella that I could. I went in. This place was huge! I headed for the back since thats where the action was and¬†came across teen deputies, they’re so cool!

I was just in time for some browsing, chit chatting and the fashion show! It was so cute watching the little ones walk and pose in back to school outfits put together by Bealls (see pics). After the show I chatted some more, with a few customers, teen deputies and a woman with an amazing and inspirational story from the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. My quick trip to Bealls turned into a 2 1/2 hour stay, so I did some quick¬†shopping and it was time for me to leave. ūüôā


Karaoke at Mickey Finns: July 24, 2011

As expected from the last time I saw Bryce and Sharlene (which was the first time I met them), Karaoke was a lot of fun. Either St Lucie county has the most talented bunch of people, just waiting to show off their singing skills, or there’s something about these two that make nearly everyone in the place want to get on stage.

Since this was my first opportunity to witness Karaoke at Mickey Finns, I decided not to rush. I went around 10pm, not sure if¬†there would be any singers, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard live singing even before I opened the restaurant door. I walked in and looked at the stage, there I saw a woman singing Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time”. Soon after I found out her name, it was Carolyn. Could it be? Carolyn S. from News Channel 5?

I had no time¬†to be a groupie, lol. I headed back to where I was sitting, so I could have a clear view of the singers. Everyone was great…impressive even. Voices so good, it hid the¬†crazy lyrics of some songs. Voices so good, people were moved to dance. Voices so damn good I wish¬†I had a record label so I could make money off of them! LOL

With Dynamic Entertainment with DJ Bryce and this city, you never know what to expect. Singing wasn’t just singing for some. It was a full on talent show! We had a lady singing Shakira and working her hips, then a guy who sang and danced to Usher…serious moves! The evening ended for me soon after the Cha Cha Slide, gotta love it! ūüôā My eyes were heavy so I was ready to head home, but the¬†fun was set to¬†last til 1:30am.

Another great time for SupportStLucieCounty.com!!!

Photos from this event can be viewed here!

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CoverUp Band at Shindigs Irish Pub in Port St Lucie

Last night was sooooo muchhhhh funnnnnn!

From the time I got out of my car and walked over to Shindigs Irish Pub, I came across some really cool folks. I didn’t hear the band playing, so I approached a few people sitting near the entrance of the pub and I asked the young lady where I can find the band. She pointed to a group of guys standing near parked cars. The red skinny jeans should’ve been my clue, lol. Just my luck, they were on break! ūüôā I walked over to them and asked for a picture. There were only three of the four members outside and they were kind enough to pose for my camera. Even kinder (I know¬†it’s not a word, but you get what¬†I’m trying to say!) enough to find and bring the fourth member outside so my picture of the band would be complete! This band’s attitude was so amusing and warm. (A huge difference from someone mentioned in an earlier Blog, lol.)

It was back to business for the guys again! They were GREAT! I was so impressed during each guy’s solo part, and the lead singing, that I almost couldn’t contain myself.¬† I was in work mode, so I couldn’t boogie like I wanted to, I had to resist the urge to dance. Plus, I didn’t have my group of girls by my side, so¬†embarrassing myself was not an option. I did get to live through the audience and experience their pleasure. There were two in the front whose butts never touched their seats, they danced the whole night. There were a lot of kissing couples and this group had fans of all ages, enjoying the atmosphere. They found a new fan in me too!

I went to a few venues earlier, but the crowds didn’t arrive at them yet. I planned on returning to them after about an hour after snapping pictures at Shindigs, but after being there for a while, I didn’t want to leave. With a little over 40 photos, I was ready to head home and just end my night with this pleasant experience. Great job CoverUp Band, and thanks for a great time at Shindigs!

P.S. Happy 3rd Anniversary Shindigs!

With love,



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Memorial Day 2011

Yesterday, I went to the ‘Take Time to Honor’ memorial site in Tradition, Port St Lucie. As I mentioned on Facebook, this was bittersweet. I really wanted to visit on a day when speeches wouldn’t be held and there would be no crowd, so it was the perfect time. I could view the area quietly, think about the sacrifice these men and women made and imagine what it would be like to hear them chit chatting today. I know, I’m a strange thinker. Standing there surrounded by 2,700 markers I stared at some of the crosses, a few seconds of day dreaming. As beautiful as the memorial was, it hurt knowing what it meant. I read the names on a few dog tags and wondered what the cadets and volunteers who created these were thinking, while they made each one. There were a few people there, two guards standing so still at the memorial entry way, people trying to find the marker that honors their loved one and a cute little boy too afraid to get close to the helicopter or take a photo for me, but his eyes lit up when his grandma offered him fruit.

Having a website which feeds off the energy of those seeking events in our area, I was trying to find the proper way to greet people on my Facebook page. I wanted to remind them of today’s happenings and was looking for the perfect opening line, but I was so lost. Saying ‘Happy Memorial Day’ didn’t seem right…or proper, being that the purpose of this Holiday is to remember those who lost their lives in war. But, at the same time, we’re told to celebrate the lives and memories of those we lost.

Thank you Southeastern Military Academy and The Road to Victory Military Museum for allowing people like me, who never really gave it much thought, to experience something like this. Memorial Day for me used to mean an excuse to party with friends. This is officially my first Memorial Day! Out of curiosity, how did you greet people today?

View Memorial photos at http://www.SupportStLucieCounty.com

Ronda B